Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 170 // Week 6 // 2020

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By Himanshu Sachdeva

Hello there!

It’s the start of the weekend, hope you’re relaxing and being with your family.

So I’ve started to share a little bit of my week, in this newsletter. I feel like it keeps me a little accountable for my progress of the week.

For me, this past week was a bit relaxed from the last week. I’ve been progressing at a project at work, hopefully it will yield some good.

I’m excited about the two new podcast episodes which are coming soon. (in next few days). I’m even a little nervous about my first presentation at a local podcasting event. But that’s what happens when you are doing something you love. You are nervous in a good way. I hope it goes well.

Coming to the progress on books, as I started “Homo Deus” last week, I’ve listened to this book about 3+ hours till now and hopefully, it will be completed till mid of February. I’m listening to this one in the morning (as it’s non-fiction) and listening to the “Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection” while commuting back home in the evening. It’s sort of a balance of non-fiction and fiction throughout the day and I like it.

So without further adieu, let’s get on with the Saturday-Pentacle.

Issue 170 // Week 6 // 2020

A YouTube Video I loved

Set systems rather than goals – I discovered Rowena Tsai’s YouTube channel last year and I liked the theme of this channel. But somehow I missed the rail on her channel’s progress.

She’s grown to double the audience since I saw her videos last year. But it’s not just about her channel’s growth, it’s the genuineness of the content. Her content about living a life of meaning and designing her life really resonated with me.

Last week, when YouTube algorithm put her video back in my recommended videos, I was happily surprised and found this video insightful. Plus I loved the way the videos are shot showing her doing casual things with the voice-over narration. It’s the small routine things which seem boring, sometimes they make you feel satisfied as well. (watch the video and you’ll know what I mean)

Loved this one.

A photo I loved

via @jimcarreyhere

A person who’s work I loved —

Morag Myerscough – I stumbled upon this British architect/designer while researching for one of my posts and I started loving her work. She designs neon colour (not that I resonate with neons) walls, cafes, temples and more. But the way she merges it with the aesthetics is astonishing. Check out her Instagram and also this piece here showcasing a spectacular example of her work on a biophilic cafe pavilion.

A podcast episode I loved –

The Random Show — 2010-2019 Lessons Learned – My god! This episode was like the one you hope it won’t get over.

Tim and Kevin talk about so many things. It’s like a yearly catch-up call they have. I also would like to have this kind of conversation with one of my really close friends.

They talked about relationships, how to sail through difficult waters (in context of relationships), biohacking (Kevin’s favourite topic) and so much interesting stuff.

This is one episode I totally recommend.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

Your Calendar reflects your true priorities.

The Minimalists

Before saying “see you next week”
Here is a vlog I shot couple of years back, it was essentially my first attempt on vlogging.

P.S.: This week’s vlog will be released this Sunday.

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


Hey friends, I’m Himanshu, a technology professional working in Mumbai, India. I spend most of my spare time making Podcasts, YouTube videos and write on Lifestyle Design and sometimes stories. Every Saturday, I send out an email newsletter called “Saturday Pentacle”, a list of the cool stuff I explored in the past week, including quotes, photos, books, articles, movies, documentaries and so on!

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