#16 – Ashish Bedekar (Chief Product Officer of picoNets and a Startup Mentor) – Predicting the future by the patterns of the past.

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Ashish Bedekar

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In this episode I’m talking to Ashish Bedekar who is the Chief Product Officer of Piconets (a company which is working on revolutionising Content Delivery Network system by working acceleration the last mile performance. To simply say he is making the Internet sites you see daily, load on lighting speeds and meanwhile decrease the cost.

He is also a productivity expert and a start-up mentor. He works with many start-up incubators to nurture and support start-up companies who are focusing on clean-tech, energy, Internet of Things (or IoT).

There are a lot of small tools and apps you’ll learn in this episode about and can implement to improve your productivity.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Ashish Bedekar.

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Person’s mentioned in this episode –

Apps and tools mentioned –

  • CDN
  • A Good Notebook and a pen
  • Contact+ for enriching your address book
  • CloudHQ – Gmail productivity suite
  • Evercontact – it can check your email signatures as well and enrich your contact details from many thinkable (or unthinkable) sources
  • Nudge app
  • Grammarly App – AI and cloud based grammar and context checking app.
  • Hemingway App – this app improves your writing and helps you make it bold and clear.
  • MessagePath – This app is an intelligent copy editor for businesses.
  • Calendly app – It helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
  • Doodle app (Himanshu mentioned) – This app also is similar to Calendly and you can Book meetings faster with the smart scheduling power of Doodle.
  • Scanbot Pro – This is an all-in-one Mobile scanning solution.
  • Scan documents with Google Drive (mentioned by Himanshu)
  • Few meditation apps mentioned by Himanshu –
    • Headspace
    • Calm
    • Waking Up
  • Pacer app
  • Nike+ Run Club
  • AfterShokz bone conduction headphones

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Quotes from the episode –

  • Innovation always happens at the edge.
  • No man is an island ― John Donne
  • Approach in Start-up mentoring should first be genuinely helping the mentee all the way. Not the money. Money is a bi-product.
  • Nothing is more practical than a good theory. ― Kurt Lewin
  • College not just gives education but it gives Network of alumni’s as well.
  • Life is not a program where things are pre-defined. It’s unpredictable.
  • Hindsight is always 20/20.
  • A good student can get the best out of a bad teacher as well. (Himanshu)
  • When you want to predict about the future, it’s good to go back to the past and see which forecasts were made and which ones out of those turned into reality in our present.
  • Fear of Missing out (FOMO) is the fuel for our over reliance on social media.

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