Saturday-Pentacle – Week 19 – 2019

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 19 – 2019

A tool I found useful

CloudFlare – I recently got introduced to this CDN service and to my wonders it just reduced a lot of issues my website was facing – performance, security and weird 501 (service down) errors. This service is like a proxy server plus a content delivery network (CDN). So if you have a site – blog or podcast or any other person or a brand website. I recommend using CloudFlare as your CDN system. It will make your life much easy. I literally brought down my site’s loading time from 10+ seconds to under 1 second. Go check it out.

My most popular Instagram post recently

…Click the photo below to read the entire story.

A Person I’m learning more about —

Sonam Wangchuk – Oh yeah he’s the one who inspired the Aamir Khan’s 3 idiot movie’s character Phunsukh Wangdu. However, he says that he is not Phunsukh Wangdu. I really wish to get him on the podcast someday.

He is an Indian engineer from Ladakh and also an innovator and education reformist.

He has also been conferred a Doctorate of Literature. Here is a video of his speech from that day in the presence of The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind –

A song I’m loving —

Don’t Worry Bout Me – This song by Zara Larsson has been running in loops. It has that tempo beat which keeps you going and focused. Loving it.

Go check it out – Spotify | YouTube

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.
It means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.


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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 19 – 2019

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