Saturday-Pentacle – Week 33 – 2018

Saturday-Pentacle – Week 33 – 2018


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

Post of the week –

Creation is the best way to self-contentment!

Creating something is a completely different pleasure than just being joyous, It takes your joy and makes it jump out of the airplane to sky dive. That’s what you feel after you create something you feel proud of. This article takes you back to the question – why to create? Read on for an interesting piece.

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Lost in the frost

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Lost in the frost #mist #jungle #forest

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A trick I learned recently  —If you are on a Mac and don’t have the fancy touchbar on your old mac and wondering how to access emojis via keyboard? Just press Control+Command+Space! Voila! You can buy me a double shot espresso. (Now go and read the article below! Probably you don’t really know what an espresso is? No really! Even I didn’t know what it exactly meant except that it sounded cool. Probably you know, but still, read the article for the heck of it!)

Article I’m pondering on —

What Is Espresso?

Like I said above I didn’t know what it meant, until recently. I always thought it’s black coffee, but it’s not. It’s something else. Read on to know.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realising that you are the author.”

— Mark Houlahan

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 33 – 2018

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