Top 10 most loved posts of 2016

2016 was one of the amazing years of my life. I accomplished better than ever and wrote more than 50 posts (over 60,000 words) in the entire year.

I thought it would be awesome to compile a list of my top 10 most loved posts of 2016. For one reason or another, the posts below are the ones that generated the most views, shares, comments, and emails.

Hope you enjoy and find something useful inside like I did while writing them.

Top 10 most loved posts of 2016

  1. Benares Travelogue (Day 1, Day – 1 Cont., Day 2, Day 2 Cont., Day 3, Day 4)
    I thought this travelogue is the one which will steal the show and it did. This is the most loved post of the year 2016 (in overall reader engagement). This travelogue is really close to my heart and the one where I put a lot of efforts.
  2. How this amazing medium helped me read more than 9 hours a week?
    This one is a post about audio books and podcasts. The second most viewed and shared posts of my blog in the year 2016.
  3. Story of my first Half Marathon
    This post literally shares the story of my first half marathon, ever. The story, learnings and the experience. This one stands 3rd in the overall engagement ranking.
  4. Why you should not give a shit about voices which don’t matter!
    This is the second podcast episode of my show – ‘Experiments of The Lifestyle Architecture Lab’. It really boomed my iTunes rank in past 2-3 months. Stands with 300+ downloads overall (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio and SoundCloud). I’m really excited for this. 2017 gonna be a year of audio (and maybe video too).
  5. Looking back (An annual review – 2015) – (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
    This post is my last year’s annual review. I’m looking forward to this year’s Annual review too. 2016 review gonna be published on 1st Jan 2017 (tomorrow).
  6. Resistance
    This post was a challenge post by a publication called ‘The Coffeelicious‘ on Medium. We were given the challenge to write a post after seeing a particular picture. I really enjoyed writing this post. It was loved on Medium too, though it didn’t make the cut in the challenge podium.
  7. Rosetta stone!
    This one is an old post but this one was loved by my readers this year as well. This is actually a poem. A critical one. On love! the hard part of love.
  8. Product Review – Puma ignite Running Shoes
    This post is my first ever video review of anything. This one is particularly on the Puma ignite shoe. If you are into running and running shoes fascinate you, you’ll cherish it.
  9. New year resolutions – 2016
    This one is my last year’s new year resolution list. I’m really excited about the resolution list of 2017 as well. I’ll share it in the new year itself (1st Jan 2017 which is tomorrow).
  10. Gratefulness, motivation and running stories!
    This is a post on running and my conversation with a stranger. It’s part fiction and part reality. This one is the 10th of the top 10 posts of the year 2016.


  • Benares Travelogue post (No. 2) and the Looking back post (No. 5) both consist of multiple posts in one. But I kept them together to provide more context.
  • This list contains a few posts from late 2015 as well, but they are one of the most read posts from 2016.

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