Saturday-Pentacle – Week 6 – 2018

Saturday-Pentacle, Week 6 Issue


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

Throwback Post of the week –

I was going through my photo archives recently and it inspired me to share my old Benares posts. So here are my Benares Posts which are like a visual diary of my solo to Benares (Varanasi) in 2016. Even though it was almost a 5 days trip and 2 days are missing from these posts (even though I intend to recall those memories and write down about those 2 days), but still, it has most of the essence of what I went through on this journey.

Here is one of the first-day photos from that trip, when I immediately got exposed to an overwhelming ‘Antim Sanskar’ (last rituals) going on the Benares Ghats that evening, there is more of it in the above posts if you want to get the flavour of Benares.

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva

My most popular Instagram post recently

Photo no. 7
Albert Hall
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Photo no. 7 . Albert Hall . It's also called Central Museum of Jaipur. . This museum is situated almost in the city center. But a little outside of the city hustle and bustle (which you could see near Hawamahal). . We wanted to get inside but due to short schedule we couldn't. . But we spent 15-20 minutes to check this amazing Building from outside and I could get a few shots. (one of them is this). . It had an amazing empty space right in front of it where floaks of peagons were coming in for their morning meals. People of Rajasthan are very generous to feed these peagons everyday with Bajra or any other eatables grains. . . #alberthall #jaipur #projectrajasthan #doubleexposure #experimentalphotography

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Book I’m looking forward to reading —

Jasoda – Honestly, I had no idea about this book and the author Kiran Nagarkar, until last Saturday, when I was in Kala Ghoda Art Festival’s (2018) Literature Event, which is usually held in David Sasson Library gardens every year.

I had put this event on my festival day calendar (yes, you have to make a calendar schedule for this festival, because there is a lot which goes on in this festival and frankly you have to choose your time wisely) which was the book reading by Author for his new book ‘Jasoda’. I hadn’t heard either about this book or about the author earlier. But turned out that this was one of the mesmerizing events of the day. The author turned out to be pretty good with humour and sarcasm. He read a few excerpts from his upcoming book including the starting scene, which is too terrifying to describe. But it goes something like this (P.S.: it’s my words with the understanding from the conversation and not the actual excerpt from the book) –

Jasoda (the protagonist) is lying under a tree. Her kid is alongside her. Her water had just broke and she is delivering her baby just by herself. She pushes through with so much pain and soon the head of the baby is out. Then she pushes again and baby’s torso and the down body area comes out but legs are still stuck inside the vagina. As soon as she knows that it’s a girl. She didn’t let her out completely and gets the baby’s head in her thighs and chokes her to death.

Well, if that’s less horrendous then you must read the book. Kiran told us in the conversation that this event is from real life and actually happened some decades ago. It was so casual to kill a baby girl in that era that after killing the baby, Jasoda just went on with her usual routine like nothing happened. Phew!! (Taking a deep breath…)

What am I watching —

How to Wake Up at 4am Everyday: 4 Practical, Non-Hacky Ways – If you are fighting the need to wake up early, this video has some practical tips to help wake up pretty early in the morning without getting too cranky. (and yes I mean like “4 or 5 AM in the morning” early.)

By waking up early you get 2 potential advantages –

  1. You get 3-4 hours of ME time or the time you can just devote to yourself and your personal activities without actually having much of distractions, cause most of the world is still sleeping at that time.
  2. Secondly out of this ME time you can actually devote some time to working out and that sets a great tone for the rest of the day.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – Today’s quote is taken from one of the Kiran Nagarkar books ‘Cuckold’.

“There is no truer meditation than music and no journey of discovery greater than that of looking within.”

— Kiran Nagarkar, Cuckold

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


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Benares! Day – 3

This post is the progression of my earlier travelogue posts (Day 1Day 1 ContinuedDay 2 and Day 2 Continued) on Benares trip earlier this year, Hope you enjoy it.

Benares – Day 3

In the day 2 post where i mentioned i met a few photographers and travelers while i was having my late lunch at the Cafe Zoe near Assi Ghat. We discussed a lot on traveling, photography and life in general, among other things. Life in their countries and life here in india. It was then that i started loving my travels more, cause they made me meet people from across the world who thought like i did.

We met in the evening again on the same day. While bidding goodbyes for the night they invited me to their place for breakfast the next morning. I was so psyched to meet them again. The best part! we didn’t exchange our numbers, they just gave me their address and told me to be their in the morning.

The next morning, i was up at 7 o’clock. Got my shower and ready to go in the next half hour. Then, I started for their hotel where few of them had been living from the past few days.

It was a Welcome Heritage hotel on the far north side of the Main ghat. As i walked towards this hotel, i had to go through two really scary and shocking spots, which i didn’t know were there on my way. First was the living area of the Aghori Babas.

Oh boy! That place scared the living shit out of me. But as i digested all that was going around while crossing that spot, i made peace with it. These Aghori monks are said to be an mysterious ancient tribe who feast on human flesh as part of their rituals, as well as drinking from human skulls, chewing the heads off live animals and meditating on top of cadavers in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Here a picture of an Aghori Baba taken by an Italian photographer Cristiano Ostinelli who spent time with the tribe to discover more about their way of life. Here’s the complete article.

Aghori Baba | Photo credits – Italian photographer Cristiano Ostinelli

I wasn’t even back to my wits yet, then came the scariest moment of my Benares Trip. It was a heavy feeling of weird kind of energy when i passed by the “Manikarnika Ghat”*. I’m getting goosebumps even right now, as i’m writing this. I couldn’t even take my camera out, when i was crossing this place.

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Benares! Day – 2

This post is the progression of my earlier travelogue posts (Day 1 and Day 1 Continued) on Benares trip, Hope you enjoy it.

Benares – Day 2

Subah-e-Banaras” is the local term (originated from Urdu) used for Benares Sunrise! Which is one of the many exciting charms of Benares. I didn’t know what to expect. But regardless, i had set my alarm at 4:30AM to wake up early in the morning, to get up, shower and make it in time till the Ghats.

The eve before i had asked a boatman if he could take me to the Ganges banks on the other side of the Ghats. He agreed and was to be found at 5AM on the main ghat as promised. When i reached there, neither i could find him nor his boat. The first disappointed of the evening.

Then i started walking north from the Main Ghat into the early twilight of the morning while sun was still below the Horizon. Here is the picture of the particular moment.

Photo - Himanshu Sachdeva

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Benares! Day – 1 Continued…

This post is the progression of my earlier travelogue post on Benares trip, Hope you enjoy it.

Benares – Day 1 Continued…

The sun just set. I started walking back!

While walking back i came across an old man¹, he had a magical smile.

As i was crossing him, looking at me he stopped me and said ‘Son! You don’t look from around here! Where have you come from?’

If a total stranger would ask you something like this, you’ll just ignore and walk away. But this old man just didn’t seem like one! That’s the magic of Benares! This old man seemed like an indistinguishable part of Benares! So i couldn’t help myself but reply with a gentle smile.

‘Uncle! I’ve come from Bombay. Indeed not around from here.’ ‘Are you a local?’ I asked.

‘Yes, Here from past 18 years almost. I was in Kolkata² for a long period of time, then destiny took me here and i never left.’ He replied.

All of his more than 50 years of life experiences were reflecting in his talks. We kept on talking for 15 minutes almost. Then i thought to take a picture with him. I asked a passing by foreign lady to take it for me. Luckily she knew, how to operate the camera. In fact more than i did.

Here is our picture and this dog never left –

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva

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Benares – The beginning

The next few posts will be a continued progression of my experiences¹ in the mysterious city of Benares²! Hope you enjoy it.

Benares – The beginning

I’m thinking, How do i even start telling you about this mysterious city of Benares!
How about death?
First day of my Benares visit. It’s Dusk time!
I crossed the Main Ghat and was walking towards the eastern  ghats. There it was.
Harishchandra Ghat!
Harishchandra Ghat, Benares

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva