#11 – Monica Chopra (The Eco Trunk) – Living an ethical Lifestyle, contributing towards a sustainable planet and bootstrapping an online store!

Monica Chopra (The Eco Trunk)
[Image Courtesy – Monica Chopra]

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In this episode I’m talking to Monica Chopra, who is an entrepreneur and has built up a company named The Eco Trunk which curates eco friendly products on their online store, to help people live a conscious lifestyle of Veganism. She herself is a Vegan and cares a lot about the environment and the carbon footprint.

In this conversation we talk a wide variety of things starting from her own story. Leaving a high paying career to finally go forward to her calling and building up The Eco Trunk from scratch. How our environment is getting worse and what measures we can take as individuals to reduce our carbon foot prints. We also talk about challenges she faced as a young entrepreneur and go In detail about the issues like pain points of the modern online stores like package delivery system and sustaining the company.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Monica Chopra.

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