Bijay Nair (#TheyINSpire) – Active War Deployments, Becoming a Leader and balancing your life and passions

Lt. Cdr Bijay Nair (retd)
[Photo Courtesy – Bijay Nair (Instagram)]

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In this episode, I’m talking to Bijay Nair, who is a former Lt.Cdr of Navy, a blogger, an author, an endurance runner and a corporate professional post his retirement from defence services. He has written a book named #TheyInspire.

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#2 – Amit Mehta – Your biggest fear is your biggest calling!

Amit Mehta
[Photo Courtesy – Amit (Instagram)]

The second interview of the season is here!

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In this episode, I’m talking to Amit Mehta, Founder of Unived Sports. He is a trail runner, a vegan and a creative at the core. His company Unived Sports is the first Indian Vegan sports nutrition brand.

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#1 – Aditya Pinto – Time is the most important investment!

Aditya Pinto

Welcome to the first interview of the Lifestyle Architecture Lab podcast.

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In this episode I’m talking to Aditya Pinto who is a dear friend, he is an AIESEC alumnus, and currently works with a Fintech company called Finpeg which is an investment robo-advisory company which exclusively deals in Mutual Fund strategies and schemes. He’s also a savvy investor and a runner.

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#0 – Introduction to Lifestyle Architecture Lab Podcast

Introducing my audio interview podcast show – Lifestyle Architecture Lab.

In this show, I sit down and interview personalities who have designed a lifestyle of freedom for themselves. These guests range from artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, lifestyle coaches, investors, professional athletes etc. These conversations dig deep into their stories to find out their thought process, tools, strategies and tricks that makes them tick.

I’m really excited to take you along the journey of creating this podcast show with all these interesting guests. Thanks for listening and I’ll Talk to you in the first episode.

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 49 – 2017

Saturday-Pentacle, Week 49 Issue


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

Post of the week –

Podcast Episode 10 – Reflections

In this episode of my podcast show, I talk about reflections, travelling and a quote from Ray Dalio.

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My most popular Instagram post recently

Coming home…

Traveling to Rajasthan in the month of December, when the weather is winter smitten, always brings back memories. We traveled on Road, Rail, Air and sometimes on feet. It was a good home coming.

A little bit of nostalgia, a little bit of slowing down, a little bit of cousin love, a little bit of chilly rides and a little bit of doing nothing. That sums it all up.⠀

Now its time to say Good Bye again, until next time…

Article(s) I’m enjoying (and pondering)

Nike’s Quest to Beat the Two-Hour Marathon Comes Up Oh So Short – If you are a long distance runner, you would know how gruelling a full marathon distance can be. Even if you have conquered the 42.195km distance multiple times, you can never not be humble to this distance, you respect it.

As I’ve run the full marathon distance couple of times and have completed it in around 5 hours time. When I ran the full marathon last time in Mumbai Marathon and the Kenyan wolf pack flew past me it gave me goosebumps. Tanzania’s Alphonce Simbu won the men’s elite full marathon event with a timing of 2:09:32  hrs at 2017 Mumbai Marathon. This timing itself is unreal to me.

But when I heard about Nike’s attempt (Nike Breaking2) to achieve the unhuman feat of beating the 2 hours Marathon timing, it gave me thrills. Last week after my Half Marathon run at Vasai Virar (India) event, while coming back home I got a chance to read this story of Eliud Kipchoge, a 32-year-old Kenyan who is an Olympic world champion as well in Marathon running, attempted to break 2 hours in a full marathon distance.

Reading this story itself was so intriguing that I almost read it thrice. His attempt was heroic but he failed to break 2. He fell short of it by 25 seconds. But his statement will inspire you to be focused on one thing that ignites you –

“I was aiming for 1:59, but I’m happy to run two hours in [a] marathon. The world is only 25 seconds away,” he said.

I’m reading/watching/listening to

Casey Brown – This Is Home – This short movie on Casey Brown who is a mountain biker in Canada, is inspiring. Got to see this last week on Vimeo.

“Yea I guess as a kid, you have limitless dreams and you can kind of think of whatever you want to do, you can do. But as you get older and especially after graduating high school, you got to think of how you can, you know make ends meet and stuff. So during those times, dreams can either slip away from you, if you let them, or you can pour your heart into it and really make it work.” – Casey Brown

Quote I’m pondering on lately –

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”

― Winston Churchill

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


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