New year resolutions – 2018

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Making new year resolutions has now become a habit, which I want to keep on cultivating because it helps me move in the right direction throughout the year. I tend to go back each month to this resolution list and see my progress. It is an interesting and forward-moving process.

2017 is over and a new year (2018) is here. For this year’s new year resolutions list, I’m putting in a few fresh resolutions and keeping a few from the last year. Why carry on with the old ones you say? It is because now I’ve started to know myself better than before and what keeps me happy and content.

For some people, new year resolutions are some things from which they want to break out, like a bad habit. For some, it is something new which they want to learn or do. For me it has all three, break out of something which I don’t actually like, learn something new and do something which I’m carrying forward from last year’s resolution list and haven’t yet completed.

Here you go.

New year resolutions – 2018

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 1 – 2017

It’s 2017 already and this is the first weekly Saturday Pentacle post of 2017.

I’m excited. Let’s get to it.



Saturday-Pentacle – Week 1 – 2017

Greetings my internet friends,

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Post of the week –  New year resolutions – 2017 – 2016 was a great year and 2017’s gonna be better. If only we keep putting the hard work and consciousness into our actions. Check out my this year’s New year resolution list, consisting of a report on last year’s New year resolutions. Hope it is of some inspiration to you as well.

My most popular Instagram post recently — Quintessence of life – I captured this photograph while walking in the streets of Bandra. This photo amazes me, how karma is isolated from religion.

Article I’m enjoying (and pondering) — The Associated Press style guide will no longer capitalize ‘internet’ – I was surprised to learn that ‘Internet’ can no longer be written that way legitimately. It is now ‘internet’ without the capital ‘I’.

What I’m reading/watching/listening toNarcos – I’m binge watching this Netflix series on the biggest drug lord, Pablo Escobar. I was disgusted by learning what power and money, when comes unearned, do to you. So I went on to learn more about his life and how he became what is history now and how he was killed by the Search Bloc.

A Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“The good in life does not depend on life’s length, but upon the use we make of it. It is possible, or rather usual, for a man who has lived long, lived too little.”

– Seneca the Younger

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.

– Himanshu

P.S.: If you are interested, here are the Top 10 posts from 2016.

Something exciting coming up in next post. A story of a recent expedition. Here is a photograph from that day, to get you more excited.

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New year resolutions – 2017

Last year I first published a list of my top 10 new year resolutions for the year of 2016. So I’m continuing the tradition, cause it helped me move in the right direction in the last year throughout. I would go back each month to this resolution list and see my progress. It was a fun and productive process.

It’s the new year day today. New hopes, New resolutions and a report of last year’s resolutions. Here you go.

New year resolutions – 2017

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Top 10 most loved posts of 2016

2016 was one of the amazing years of my life. I accomplished better than ever and wrote more than 50 posts (over 60,000 words) in the entire year.

I thought it would be awesome to compile a list of my top 10 most loved posts of 2016. For one reason or another, the posts below are the ones that generated the most views, shares, comments, and emails.

Hope you enjoy and find something useful inside like I did while writing them.

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