Moments of Ardor!

How far we have come,
How far we have become.

Our love will be forever,
Our trust will be broken never,
Is what we promised on that day.

The day we were swinging our legs,
while sitting on the aisle on that seaside.

On that rooftop under the sky,
When our souls danced tirelessly,
You said distances won’t matter.

Well, they did.

See now, see how.

How far we have come,
How far we have become.

Nebula beneath your eye ball

The way you look into my eyes,
I could see the nebula in there;
Waiting to implode,
A black hole would be born here.

Where would be you,
Where would be me,

Suspended mid space…

Traveling at the speed of light,
Where there is no light,
But just you, me and the black vacuum.

Rosetta stone!

Rosetta Stone
Script is being written,
I’ve found that bronze chisel which was long gone!
I’ve now started writing that long pending story,
This time on an excavated Rosetta stone!

Life is ephemeral,
Reminiscences are making them last long!
There is dense fog cloud in my chest,
Now it’s just trying to be blown!

They said it’s just the sixth degree of separation,
The one will loom before long!
I trust them to make this ensue,
And Now I see her coming, holding in her left hand, that ‘Greek Anemone’.

She’s rising through the half light,
On the night of the crescent moon!
This anecdote is in the making,
Unsure of what made it look-up atone!