Imprisoned behind the curtain of the waterfall

When you are in love. Things start to look beautiful. Your perspective to life changes to be positive.

It’s like the feeling of being on a high after snorting a shitful of heroin. Feels like you are in the sunny state of self awareness. But the truth is you are just concentrated on love and the positives it starts showing you. But the world doesn’t change.

Once you are out of the hallucinations, fog starts to clear. You were imprisoned behind the curtain of the waterfall called love. You never wanted to bail out cause of the beautiful fog it creates where you could only see the world as magical nonetheless. You said to yourself that you won’t ever go back down there.

But that’s when the jailor, who put you in that jail, kicks your butt and make you jump out from there right into the river beneath it. That’s when that mist shatters. You start seeing the world clearly. Its not as beautiful as it looked through that curtain of the waterfall. You don’t get to see the double rainbows anymore from down there.

From down here you can see the real picture. Where also exist the not so beautiful humans as well. Although they are not so beautiful but they are glorious in their own ways.

It’s like when you come out of beautiful Summer, enters Autumn. Season of the fall. But there lies beauty in the fallen leaves as much as it was there in those sunny Summer day.