Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 176 // Week 12 // 2020

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By Himanshu Sachdeva

Hello there!

Writing this on the first Home-Quarantine Weekend. I’ve been working from home since this past Monday and have been seeing a lot of new things (firsts things) happening in my lifetime, some things are happening for the first time even in my parent’s lifetime. It’s a crazy world right now. But we gotta maintain sanity.

PM Modi has announced a Janta Curfew (One-day stay-home for people of India) for this Sunday in India and on Sunday (22nd March 2020) at 5 pm (Indian time) all citizens are suggested to take 5 mins from their lives and clap and ring bells or Thalis (dish plate ringing is a sign of good, used in some cultures when a new baby is born) to encourage the people on the front-lines, i.e. health workers, govt workers who are working on essential services and all the police and related departments. It’s going to be interesting to see the entire country clapping and ringing bells at the same time (sounds crazy right?).

As I mentioned a lot of first time things above, I meant, seeing streets empty entirely without a single person, the air so fresh that it feels like Nineteenth century. The insanity of daily life (the monotony) has been broken. People are staying home, starting to play board games again, staying in touch with families more. Even though the hatred of communalism still remains but for this cause (fight against Corona Virus) at least the World seems united.

My first week Working From Home went fine, as I got all the setups done and connected and was able to function 100% from home for work. So that made things calmer.

I’m feeling grateful to have been given the chance to work from home because a lot of my friends and close ones are still being forced to come to office and work even in these turbulent time. I’m hoping govt will do something about it shortly. But in these trying times, we gotta stay strong and maintain our cool.

Coming on to the book listening progress, I’m almost done with “The Sign of the Four” book (90% done) from Sherlock Holmes series and with “Nonviolent Communication” (80% done). Closing in, to the goal.

This past week I also released an informative video on Corona Virus (COVID-19) that too in Hindi language (English video is also coming soon). Check it out at the end section of this newsletter.

Stay safe, Be home and help flatten the curve.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this week’s Saturday-Pentacle.

Issue 176 // Week 12 // 2020

A resource I found really useful for Working from Home situation

Remote Life Resources — This amazing repository (Google Doc) was shared by a friend. It contains resources on remote learning, remote exercising, mental health, activities for adults/kids, and how to help out with the #COVID19 situation. Check it out, it might be really useful to you as well.

A course I’m loving (making some better use of the home quarantine time)

Voice-over Course – As I’m a Podcaster and do Interviews and also do YouTube videos as well, so screen presence and voice delivery become very crucial. I’m still working on my screen presence and yet to find a good course. But for voice-over, I found this particular course by a South-African professional voice over artist really good. I’m learning from this course truly.

If you are also a podcaster or YouTuber or anyone who wants to improve their public speech. This is a good online course to start with.

A new product which got me excited —

The new Apple iPad Pro (2020) – The iPad when it was launched (3 April 2010) almost 10 years back, disrupted a lot of myths about tablets.

Before the iPad, the tablets were being used just as good to have devices to watch Netflix of movies on. But after the iPad, it all changed. The Medical profession started depending on the iPad for a lot of stuff in day to day life. So did engineering jobs.

But it still didn’t become the personal computer fully, which could be used in place of a laptop. Finally, after the recent transformation of OS for iPad to iPadOS, iPad comes drastically close to a real PC or Mac. The latest iPad Pro (2020) takes it a notch further with a lot of great features like a floating keyboard cover design, trackpad support and cursor control. It’s still not a computer but it’s a supercomputer.

Check out Apple’s official intro –

An article I found captivating –

One Thing which Separates Great Leaders From All the Rest – This article shares Steve Jobs’ thought process about leadership and how he cultivated leadership at a higher level in his organizations. How he distils this mindset in his management team that – great leaders don’t offer excuses or reasons for why they failed. It makes them own the problems and their solutions as well.

If you are interested in people skills and leadership. This article is a great read.

Quote I’m pondering on lately –

We have stopped seeing emotions, we judge each other by the emojis these days and most of the time real and physically present emotion win against an emoji.

From one of my conversations with my close circle friend

Before saying “see you next week”
Check out this informative video I made on Coron Virus (COVID-19) in Hindi (first Hindi Video ever). If you are interested in more Hindi content, please subscribe and click the bell icon for notification of new videos. –

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


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Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 176 // Week 12 // 2020

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