Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 174 // Week 10 // 2020

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By Himanshu Sachdeva

Hello there!

Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing and lovely women in our lives. More power to you!

Here is a video from the humans of Bombay where 4 different generations of women writer letter to their younger selves.

Coming to the past week, I had a productive week at the office but wasn’t very much productive creatively. Hopefully, this coming week will be more creative. I was able to put in exercise for a couple of days and I tried to sleep on time and replenish my neurons as well as recover. Giving your body and mind, time and space is more important than anything we do.

Coming on to the book listening progress, I’ve finished Homo Deus finally and moved with “The Sign of the Four” more (almost 50% done), I started a new book as well – “Nonviolent Communication” (5% done). So this month I’ve to finish another book from the Sherlock Holmes series to reach 6 books in March end.

Enjoy today’s Saturday-Pentacle. (Delayed a bit due to the podcast episode release this weekend, check it out at the end of the page.)

Issue 174 // Week 10 // 2020

A Podcast I loved

Agla Station Podcast – This is a brand new show hosted by one of our podcast group member – Priyanka Ganwani (of Fork Media). She’s done a brilliant job on this one. The production value of the first episode even speaks for itself.

In Agla Station podcast, she explores different Mumbai Local stations and talks to people who make these station working.

The whole idea of this podcast is very creative but sounds like so much work put into the production. Glad to see someone doing courageous production.

Highly recommend listening to this podcast. Here is the first episode for you to start with –

A piece of information I found really useful — Amid the panics of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) spreading throughout the world. Kevin Rose (One of my favourite people) discussed the matter on this show (The Kevin Rose Show) with Dr Andrew Weil to share more insights about the situations and few immunity-boosting herbs and others things.

One of these may sound like a superstition but it’s not. It’s a scientific fact that consuming Garlic in raw form (10 mins after it’s cut into the piece), releases Allicin, which is a great source of immunity-boosting. This might help you in contracting the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) by the means of boosting your immunity.

Check out the quick 20 mins episode if you wanna learn more –

A short film I loved —

DICKS: Do you need to be one to be a successful leader? – This short film by one of my favourite filmmakers – Max Joseph, is just so well thought of and made.

In this short film, he explores if to be a successful leader you need to be a dick?

Check out this video –

A documentary I loved –

Facing Putin – Last week I stumbled upon this NatGeo Series called Facing Icons, especially the episode of Putin.

This episode explores the controversies around Putin, how he became the face of Power in Russia. The facts mentioned are just so intimidating but fascinating at the same time. Check it out (link above).

Quote I’m pondering on lately –

They say age brings wisdom, but it isn’t true.
All you ever get is a better sense of your own limitations.

Curtis Edmonds

Before saying “see you next week”
Here is a podcast episode I published in the past week. Episode 19 with Rajat Ubhaykar. We talk about his 10000kms hitchhiking journey, his book Truck De India, his writing process and more.

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


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Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 174 // Week 10 // 2020

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