Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 171 // Week 7 // 2020

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By Himanshu Sachdeva

Hello there!

Hope the Valentines Day went good for you. It’s the day of love. Even if you haven’t found your soulmate, you could spend this with your loved ones at home. Take them out on a date if you could. (Your mom? Your granny? or even your dad? anyone you really love).

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband or soulmate I hope you gave them special time.

Even though they say, every day is a day of love. But probably if you can do something special on this day (when we get the opportunity to do something special on regular days?), just do it.

This time it was on a Friday, so most of us were working the day. But the evening could be spent out. Well, I did!

Coming to the progress of this week, I released a vlog (Kala Ghoda 2020) and worked on the Podcast edits, which are coming out shortly.

Coming on book progress, I’m halfway through on Homo Deus and 65% done on the first book “A Study in Scarlet” of Sherlock Holmes series. So probably I’ll be able to finish 3 books at least this month. That will help me catch up on last month’s one less book. So far so good.

Last week I joined a special event at my workplace as well, I was selected in the final 44 people (Out of 1000 participants) for the finale of Young Leaders council. We went through 6 exams and interview panels. It was great to interact with amazing minds in the financial sector. I wasn’t selected for the final 12 people council. But reaching finals was also a great deal for me. I got the opportunity to meet even the board of directors and be interviewed by them directly and also voice my ideas. It was a unique experience.

Coming back to the Saturday-Pentacle, let’s get on with it.

Issue 171 // Week 7 // 2020

My latest article

Goals with Intention (GWI)

Goals with Intention (GWI) – 2020 – So this year, I didn’t make new year resolutions, because now I understand that this whole method is flawed. You’ll work only on those things where you actually have a real interest.

This year I’m working on Goals with intention (GWI). Check out the article to know more about my process.

A photo and story from the week

From Inside the Air India Flight which evacuated around 324 Indians from the City of Wuhan (which is the epicentre of the Corona Virus outbreak)

This story gave me chills and I remembered the movie Train to Busan.

In this article – A senior Air India pilot who led the evacuation of Indian citizens from the coronavirus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan describes the experience of planning the operation and flying to the ghost city.

A Person, I’m curious to know more about —

Rajat Ubhyakar – He’s a journalist and an author who wrote the book named – “Truck de India!: A Hitchhiker’s guide to Hindustan“. I got to know about him on Twitter. His book talks about a very odd topic or rather subject – The Truckers of India. The hidden tribe. People we almost tend to ignore. People who we most often think off in very sceptical ways. His book debunks a lot of myths about them. His journey for the book fascinated me. (probably a podcast hint…Psss)

Here is an introduction to him and the book from GoodReads.

In Truck De India!, journalist Rajat Ubhaykar embarks on a 10,000 km-long, 100% unplanned trip, hitchhiking with truckers all across India. On the way, he makes unexpected friendships; listens to highway ghost stories; discovers the near-fatal consequences of overloading trucks; documents the fascinating tradition of truck art in Punjab; travels alongside nomadic shepherds in Kashmir; encounters endemic corruption repeatedly; survives NH39, the insurgent-ridden highway through Nagaland and Manipur; and is unfailingly greeted by the unconditional kindness of perfect strangers.

A series I’m enjoying –

The Crossing

The Crossing – I’m watching this series lately and well it got me hooked. From its description, it looked like a time-travelling drama. (I have a thing for time-travelling movies/shows/books).

But as soon as I started watching it was not exactly like the usual ones, however people from the future come back to the past and it all gets mixed up with superhumans and normal humans trying to beat each other’s a**.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – (Got the reference of it from the last week’s podcast of Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose – The random show episode)

Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.

James Lane Allen (NOVELIST)

Before saying “see you next week”
Here is a vlog I was supposed to released last Sunday but got delayed till the mid of this past week. It’s from my recent visit to the Kala Ghoda Art Festival – 2020. Which happens in the Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai. It was my 5th visit to the fest. Hope you like it.

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


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Saturday-Pentacle // Issue 171 // Week 7 // 2020

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