#18 – Delton Dsouza (Adventure Film Maker and Director of Photography) – Living life one adventure at a time!

Delton Dsouza on zipline over some forest with Action cameras mounted on his body.
Delton Dsouza
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In this episode, I’m talking to Delton Dsouza. He’s an adventure Film Maker, Director of Photography and Cinematographer. He’s been publishing his amazing adventure outdoors videos on YouTube including his BikePacking Series. His video editing works are just out of the world. He’s also done commercial work with names like Vogue, Flipkart and more.

In this conversation, we cover a wide variety of topics – his creative process, how he transitioned to this creative career from a regular airline job. We also talk about his YouTube series called BikePacking. There is a lot of nitty-gritty details if you are an aspiring filmmaker, YouTuber or Director.

It was just pure joy listening to this guy talks about his passion.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Delton Dsouza.

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  • Bike-packing is very simple. It’s backpacking on a bike. It literally just that.
  • At your hotel stay, you can ask for glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, everyone should do this and reduce their plastic use. In the start, it is going to be a little troubling for you to get in the rut of asking for it every time. But in the long run, it does good to your home, “the earth” and we’ve only got one.
  • Everyone says, you’re very talented, but I feel the talent is something you build because you are consistently doing it over and over again and putting in the reps. You are not born with something and you just pick up a camera and say I’m talented. No, you actually do it a lot, again and again.
  • You have to start from somewhere, to get to somewhere.
  • I never look at failure as a closed door, I try and see what other doors open.
  • It’s scientifically proven when a person is taken to the wilderness, it actually calms you down, it makes you centred and focused.
  • Even though It sounds cliched but my goal is to live every moment to the fullest, because this is all you have.

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