#17 – Chhavi Sachdev (Founder of Sonologue and Independent podcast consultant) – Telling stories through Audio and bringing podcasting to life in India

Chhavi Sachdev
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In this episode, I’m talking to Chhavi Sachdev. She’s an independent podcast producer, consultant, and coach. Basically one-stop-shop for podcast production. She is also the most experienced podcaster in India; she has been making podcasts since 2008.

She is also a multimedia journalist and has worked with names like BBC, PRI and NPR. When she moved back to India from the US almost 10 years back, she saw almost nobody in India was working with the new intelligent medium of storytelling which was podcasts. So she embarked on this long journey of making the Podcast medium relevant in India. Like smart and intellectual radio stations.

Meanwhile, Chhavi worked on interesting projects and co-founded IVM which is a big podcast production company now, but she left after a short stint and eventually founded Sonologue which is her own podcast production company. She has worked on a wide array of projects in Audio and it reflects in her production value.

Chhavi has also been conducting regular workshops for individuals, colleges, corporates, as well as NGO’s. Her 4-hour crash course in podcasting is fairly popular.

In this conversation, we cover many of the things about podcasting, the state of radio industry in India. Her productive routine, tools and tips about podcasting.

I had a blast having this conversation with Chhavi.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Chhavi Sachdev.

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  • Arghya Lahiri – Theater person Chhavi Worked with while creating audio tours experience
  • Sam Harris – Mentioned by Himanshu in reference to Meditation
  • Tara Brach – Mentioned by Chhavi in reference to Meditation
  • Kristin Neff – Mentioned by Chhavi in reference to Meditation/Affirmation
  • Kenneth Soares – Mentioned by Chhavi in reference to sleeping Meditation
  • Marc Silver – Editor in NPR

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Quotes mentioned –

  • (In the context of Podcasting with an exclusive platform) If you are going to bed with somebody, then either you be in it and be getting something from it, or you don’t and make yourself available everywhere.
  • Sometimes, you need to say No to people, it’s necessary.
  • There are people who will help you amplify your voice without tamping it down.
  • I feel like going to a counsellor is like taking your car for maintenance. Everybody should go.

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