Top 5 most loved podcast episodes of 2019

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The Lifestyle Architecture Lab podcast kicked off at the end of 2018. But 2019 was the year of establishment with many milestone interview episodes.

So I thought it would be awesome to compile a list of my top 5 most loved podcast episodes of 2019 and this can be a good starting point for someone starting to discover the podcast medium and especially my podcast.

Hope you enjoy this recap and find the conversations with these amazing people inspiring. If you like the episodes, please share your honest review on Apple Podcasts, if you can spare just 2 mins, it means a great deal to me.

Top 5 most loved posts of 2019

  1. Podcast Episode #6 – Pawanpreet Budwal (Gymnastics For Kids) – Discipline, Visualisation and Never backing down — This was a really good conversation with Pawan who is one of the best gymnastics coaches for kids in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai area. She also happens to be the wife of my friend Bhupinder (a professional nutritionist). When I learned about her, I was fascinated with her story. She was a professional and competitive gymnast in her academic years. After putting so much energy and efforts into gymnastics at the state and national level while in her academics, She eventually left it all out after marriage. But her passion didn’t let itself die, after moving to Bombay she did diversified jobs, like – being an audio verbal therapist by profession. But eventually, she started gymnastics coaching for kids and re-kindled her passion in an amazing way. Her story is inspiring. This was the most listened episode of 2019.
  2. Podcast Episode #5 – Trishita Bhattacharya (The Overrated Outcast) – Making your passion your intention — I’ll always remember how we recorded this episode. Sitting in a garden (contrary to the noiseless place) and that’s when my field recorder gave it’s worth. Her story overthrew the recording place awkwardness and I got lost while listening to her story. I’m still amazed how this episode led to the 3rd most listened episode with Gopi! Like Trish says –
    • Thoughts become things!
  3. Podcast Episode #12 – Gopi Vadsak (Aawaari) – Breathing emotions into visual art and making it come alive! — As mentioned earlier, my introduction to Gopi’s happened via the episode done with Trishita Bhattacharya. Trish’s story really resonated with Gopi. Then eventually I fell in love with Gopi’s Visual artistry and work. Eventually, we did the Aawaari episode! By far this was the most engaging episode of my podcast (reviews wise). She really set my belief again in this –
    • If you believe in something and really put all your energy into it, you’ll eventually find it.
  4. Podcast Episode #7 – Bijay Nair (#TheyINSpire) – Active War Deployments, Becoming a Leader and balancing your life and passions — This was one of those goosebumpy episodes, even when I was recording this I got goosebumps in many places of this episode. Bijay Nair who also is an Ex-Naval officer shared his story and experiences from his times in Naval academy and service. How he transitioned into civilian life and started working in a corporate environment again. I think this is one episode, which all the Fauji’s and youth (especially who’s interested in going into army/naval life) should listen to. Very inspiring episode.
  5. Podcast Episode #4 – Urmi Kothari aka Coach Urmi – Living the Kinetic Life — Meeting the Nike Coach Urmi was amazing and I was almost star-struck when I first met her. Her story, her work ethics, her values and her lifestyle all inspired me so much. Even her eating habits. I literally took notes most of the times while talking to her the first time. Her venture Kinectic Living is thriving with her efforts. I’m really glad to see her growing. In this episode, we talked about how she started her journey and being disciplined from childhood paid her well. She initially got into the corporate life but then very early on found out that it was not a place for her. So she decided to become a dancer in an international dance company, spent a few years roaming around the world and learning all the job roles in that dance company. Diversification of learning. I totally recommend you checking this episode.

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