Saturday-Pentacle – Week 48 – 2019

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 48 – 2019

A practice I’m excited to try

Neurodynamic Breathwork – Since I listened to the podcast episode of The Tim Ferriss Show which featured Stanislav Grof (the founder of the Holotropic Breathwork). I have been curious to try out his methodology to reach an alternate state of mind – Holotropic Breathwork.

But trying it out has been a logistical challenge. As it happens in classroom kind of environment for a longer period class in a 12-hour format.

But then through a video from Yoga Journal’s YouTube channel, I discovered Michael who is a certified facilitator of holotropic breathwork who studied directly under Stan Grof. Michael Stone developed a short version of this breathwork, which is called neurodynamic breathwork (NDB). Michael developed this shortened version as a way to make holotropic breathwork more accessible so that participants could also practice this technique on their own.

On this site – NDB can be experienced online, via an online meeting session.

I’ve got enrolled for a couple of sessions and I’m really excited to experience this in the upcoming few weeks.

My most popular Instagram post recently

Here’s to the crazy ones!
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A podcast episode I loved and recommend —

David Perell’s podcast episode with Neil De Grasse Tyson: Bringing Space to Everybody – I love David Perell’s work and it’s amazing how in a span of a year or two he has been able to approach people so higher up for his podcast.

It says how – writing emails, creating great networks and giving more than you are paid for, work out.

This episode of his North Star Podcast with Neil De Grasse Tyson was amazing.

Even Neil appreciate the homework David had done beforehand for the episode. Like actually being able to speak about his autobiography which was published much earlier.

These kinds of things create a very organic connection with your guest.

All in all a great episode.

Music I loved –

Sunday Study – playlist by Thomas Frank – Thomas Frank has slowly become one of the YouTubers I admire, who put so much thought in the intricacies of an idea he’s putting out as a video.

This playlist he made for studying has some really thoughtful song selections to study on, I listened to it and I can totally recommend this.

A good listen.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Carl Jung

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.


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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 48 – 2019

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