#10 – Shubham Vanmali – Swimming in the shark waters and how to deal with the learning disability

Shubham Vanmali (International Ultra Swimmer)
[Image Courtesy – Shubham Vanmali]

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In this episode, I’m talking to Shubham Vanmali, who is an International ultra swimmer and has swum the English Channel and many other prestigious swim races across the world.

In this conversation, we talk about how he worked with his learning disability and became an international ultra swimmer. Now he is also working for this cause and to spread awareness about mental health-related issues. There are a lot of stories in this episode. If someone wanna pursue professional swimming, this episode is a must listen.

Plus in this episode, I’ve experimented with video as well. So this episode is available both in Video and Audio format.

Here is the Audio (If you are a regular audio podcast listener) – Audio Link

Here is the YouTube link for the video version of our conversation. Let me know if you like the video version, so I’ll try to include more videos in my content creation calendar.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Shubham Vanmali.

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Person’s mentioned (in chronological order) in this episode –

  • Dhananjay Vanmali (His Father)
  • Dipika Vanmali (His Mother)
  • Attila Manyoki (Hall of Fame Swimmer) – Instagram
  • Ned Dennison (Hall of Fame Swimmer)
  • Garry
  • Rafael
  • Shubhangi Mam (His Psychologist)
  • Anuja Patel (Hist Nutritionist)
  • Shweta Mam (His Physiotherapist)
  • Kiran Sir (His Physiotherapist)
  • Gokul Kamath (His Coach)
  • Steve (San-Francisco)

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Quotes from this episode –

  • You don’t need perfect conditions to make it big, you have to do with what you have.
    — Shubham
  • An athlete is a sculpture and their support systems are the artist who are carving him.
    ― Shubham
  • We have become cyborgs.
    — Elon Musk
  • To be on the human side we have to learn to detach ourselves from the devices.
    — Shubham
  • Train for the border as well.
    — Shubham
  • When you train, you replicate what you are going to do in your race.
    — Shubham
  • Educate yourself, rather than educate yourself for degree.
    — Shubham

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P.S.: DM him on Twitter for English Version (Coming to Amazon.in soon)

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