#6 – Pawanpreet Budwal (Gymnastics For Kids) – Discipline, Visualisation and Never backing down

Pawanpreet Budwal
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In this episode, I’m talking to the Pawanpreet Budwal, who is a former competitive gymnast and now a gymnastics coach. She has the vision to make gymnastics a more accessible sport to Indian youth. Hence she started her own venture Gymnastics For Kids in New Bombay.

In this episode, we talk about her story and how she got introduced to gymnastics, struggles she had to go through to chase the gymnastics dream and how she determinedly followed her passion for gymnastics and topped her game by being consistent. We also talk about her transition from being an athlete herself to becoming a gymnastics coach. If you are a parent of a 1-2 years old kid and want your kid to be active. Then listen up this episode as Pawan makes a strong case to why your kid should learn gymnastics and also why every school should focus on their gymnastics routines. In this conversation, we also talk about her high-performance daily routine, diet and exercise regime.

Links and references from the episode –

Person’s mentioned in this episode –

  • Rituraj Kapoor – Her university coach
  • Satinder Pal Kaur – Her school coach
  • Bhupinder Budwal – Her Husband
  • Kavita (Move & Groove studio) – First studio she worked in for Gymnastics coaching within New Mumbai
  • Noori Khan – Studio 5 performance – Crossfit Shakti
  • Ariana Berlin (Full out ) – American artistic gymnast

Interesting references –

  1. Type of Gymnastics mentioned –
    1. Artistic Gymnastics – This form of gymnastics is the better-known form of gymnastics as most of us love to see our favourite gymnasts perform on uneven bars, parallel bars, vault, floor exercises, balance beam, and so on.
    2. Rhythmic Gymnastics – Rhythmic gymnastics are a form of gymnastics that are exercises performed on music and make use of many different props that are dynamic such as hoops, ribbons, balls, clubs etc. Gymnasts perform exercises that require flexibility, balance, and poise along with acrobatics, which is a prerequisite of all gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics are always performed on the floor and do not require gymnasts to take the support of vaults, beams, and rings.
    3. Acrobatic Gymnastics – In acrobatic gymnastics, the athletes are the equipment. A two- to four-gymnast team performs all types of handstands, holds and balances on each other, while members of the team throw and catch their teammates.
    4. Aerobic Gymnastics
    5. Trampoline Gymnastics – In trampoline gymnastics, gymnasts perform high-flying flips and twists on every bounce. This became an Olympic discipline for the 2000 Olympics.
    6. Tumbling Gymnastics – Power tumbling is performed on a spring runway much bouncier than the floor exercise mat used in artistic gymnastics. Because of its spring, athletes are able to perform very complicated flips and twists in succession.
    7. New ** – Parkour
  2. Interesting blog on a comparison of artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics.
  3. Vaulting Table
  4. Feet Conditions mentioned –
    1. Flat Feet
    2. Inward feet
    3. Knocking knees
    4. Bunion feet

Quotes from this episode –

  • Train like a Gymnast with a Gymnast.
  • Parents should allow children to follow their passion.

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