Saturday-Pentacle – Week 8 – 2019

Saturday-Pentacle – Week 8 – 2019


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

A useful article –

The 100 greatest films of the 21st Century – This BBC article is nothing else but a list of top 100 films of 21st Century. The best that cinema has had to offer since 2000 as picked by 177 film critics from around the world. Go ahead, add some of these gems in your watchlist. I’m sure there are many you or even I haven’t watched yet.

My most popular Instagram post recently

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A song I’m frequenting again —

O (Fly On) by Coldplay – I think I heard this track in late 2016. As soon as I heard it, I had a connection. This song is about love and how it appears in your life and then before even you know, it may be gone. But with the hope that love will always fly with you. Just like a flock of a bird hovering above. You just need to look up to the sky. Smile. Listen to it when you are alone with yourself it will make sense.

An interesting video —

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths – In this video a retired Astronaut debunks some of the myths about space. Amazing things to learn from this video including – How does space smell like and why? A great watch.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

― Lao Tzu

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 8 – 2019

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