Top 5 most loved posts of 2018

2018 was a good year with few milestone moments. My Interview podcast series was finally off the ground. Even though I did less normal blog posts but my regular Saturday-Pentacle post (Best 5 things of past week) which I did regularly was loved by the readers.

So I thought it would be awesome to compile a list of my top 5 most loved posts of 2018 apart from Saturday-Pentacle. For one reason or another, the posts below are the ones which were most loved (i.e. engagement rate was high).

Hope you enjoy this recap and find something useful inside these post.

Top 5 most loved posts of 2018

  1. Podcast Episode #2 – Amit Mehta – Your biggest fear is your biggest calling! – This is the second episode of my podcast (Lifestyle Architecture Lab) and it easily became the top post of the year. It was liked and shared by hundreds of my readers. In this episode we delved into the story of Unived (the company) and how my dear friend Amit built it based on values and veganism at the core. So much of insights in this episode.
  2. Podcast Episode #1 – Aditya Pinto – Time is the most important investment! – This is the first episode of my interview podcast series. I sat down with my friend and runner Aditya Pinto who is also a savvy investor. He shared a lot of stories and also some strategies on investing. A good episode and my debut.
  3. This Is Why The GenerationZ Is Smarter Than The Millennial – This is one research based blog post. Being a millennial myself I’m fascinated to see the generation after us building upon our knowledge, that’s what makes them smarter than we were in their age. This is a long piece but it was read a good number of times.
  4. Memory Box! – This is a different kind of piece I did, amalgamation of my own experiences and some fiction it turned out well and was loved by many of you (the readers).
  5. Podcast Episode #3 – Chirag Jhala – Defying Taboos of Tattoo art – This is the third episode on my interview podcast series. In this one I sat down with one of the best tattoo artists mof Mumbai. Chirag Jhala. He shared a lot of his stories, experiences and advice. Indeed a good episode.

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