#2 – Amit Mehta – Your biggest fear is your biggest calling!

Amit Mehta
[Photo Courtesy – Amit (Instagram)]

The second interview of the season is here!

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In this episode, I’m talking to Amit Mehta, Founder of Unived Sports. He is a trail runner, a vegan and a creative at the core. His company Unived Sports is the first Indian Vegan sports nutrition brand.

In this episode, we talk about his journey from starting a vegan sports nutrition company in a dairy obsessed country like India. His trail running club. Plants based diet. Active meditation. Leading a young team and turning it into winners. There are a lot of life stories and nuggets in this wide-ranging conversation. I really enjoyed this conversation with Amit and I hope you’ll love it as well.

Links and references from the episode –

Person’s mentioned in this episode –

  1. Monica – @monbcril
  2. Ishan Dutta – @dutta_Ishan
  3. Rahul Kumar – @joshmach
  4. Nilendu Mukherjee – @nilendu_here
  5. Ashish – @runnature
  6. Hayden Hawks – @hawks_hayden11
  7. Zach Miller – @zachmiller38
Interesting references –
  1. Monica’s Insta page for women trail runners – Trail Chicas
Quotes from this episode –
  1. If you don’t like losing, you’re gonna be the biggest loser in life! – Amit Mehta
  2. We jumped off a cliff without a parachute and made it on the way down!
  3. Your biggest fear is your biggest calling!
  4. Failure is the best teacher!
Books Referred –
  1. Autobiography of a Yogi By Paramhansa Yogananda
  2. The Art of War By Sun Tzu
  3. Consciousness
Places mentioned –
  1. Chennai
  2. Auroville
  3. Yogi Hills – Mulund Thane
Links mentioned by Amit –
  1. Unived – Official Company Website
  2. Amit’s Instagram – @rrunn
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Disclaimer – Any diet suggestions mentioned in this episode are as per the guest’s experiences, don’t try a new diet without researching and checking in with your doctor. Especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

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