Saturday-Pentacle – Week 22 – 2018

Saturday-Pentacle – Week 22 – 2018


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

Post of the week –

New episode on “The Himanshu Sachdeva Show” today –

#15 – How to manage tons of information and Social Media effectively?

This episode is about managing Information and Social media effectively so that your brain energy is not sucked out completely.

In this post, I also provide a few apps for mindfulness.

My most popular Instagram post recently

I couldn’t take it any more.I saw him doing it again. He was completely drunk. Right side of his pant was dripping black water. Again his feet must…….
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Calm! . I couldn't take it any more. . I saw him doing it again. He was completely drunk. Right side of his pant was dripping black water. Again his feet must have went into the drain in front of the street. He seemed weaker, he was home after 3 days. . He came inside and started blabbering shit. . Maa yelled at her, "Why don't you just die? At least we will be at peace. You just need your bottle and nothing else." . He blabbered at her and started shouting, abusing and calling names. . I was watching from inside the small room when he started slapping her relentlessly. She started crying slowly. But he didn't stop. Then she was almost shouting while she was beating her bad. . I couldn't take it any more and I took my cricket bat along. I didn't warn him. I just attacked him on his feet with my bat. He couldn't understand what was going on because of the influence. But I kept on going. I hit him hard. He fell on his knees. Then I striked one massive blow to his back. He started crying and shouting. He joined his hands and started begging me to stop. But I didn't stop. I kept on hammering him on his back. He was now lying on his stomach. Blood was dripping from many spots from his back, he blacked out. I was about to go for his head for the final fatal shot. Maa saw my eyes, she knew I am going to kill him, so she yelled at me. Nooo! She stormed in between my bat and him. I realized it almost when I was about to strike, I stopped the bat and swang it the other way. She started crying and repeated, No! No! No! . I didn't say anything and stopped. . I went inside, threw the blood stained bat in corner, I thew my and mom's clothes in a bag telling her that we are leaving. She didn't say anything, so I took her silence as acceptance. She had enough of this violence. I grabbed her hand and left from the house. Neighbors were all right in front. Many shouting what happened? But I didn't say a word neither did Maa. . We left the town that night and came to the city. . . Now I come here to dip in the sea almost every morning. All the worries, all the thoughts fade away when I listen to these waves. . . . . #fiction #story #violence #kid #maa #father #writing #sea #waves

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Person I ‘m fascinated with  —

Elon Musk – He is the founder of some of the revolutionary companies like SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and The boring company. Before that, he was one of the founders of PayPal which eBay acquired and gave him a wealth of US$ 165 Millions. Right now Elon’s net worth is US$20.2 billion (source).

He is like real life Iron Man. Has the mind of an engineer and a problem solver. I’m just fascinated with how he is executing all of his plans. Mainly it is because he has the money now and a bunch of teams working for him round the clock but still as an individual how much he is accomplishing is almost superhuman.

A new gadget in my wishlist —

A gadget to make your dumb airconditioner smart – I’m fascinated with all things automation, so while doing research on new (home) automation products. I stumbled upon this gadget which can connect your old split or window ac (basically any ac with an infrared remote) with your wifi and hence you can control it from anywhere. You can also do geofencing with it. So that if you come in the radius of certain meters of your house it automatically can turn on the AC and vice versa.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“The good in life does not depend on life’s length, but upon the use we make of it. It is possible, or rather usual, for a man who has lived long, lived too little.”

— Seneca the Younger

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 22 – 2018

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