Memory Box!

Photo by Talles Alves on Unsplash


She just entered in the big white room.

It was lit like cool day light. White! But one could tell where the walls met in this white room.

She was standing in the center of the floor. She closed her eyes.

The room drifted into darkness, it wasn’t white anymore.

After a few minutes she gasped and took a deep breathe while opening her eyes. hhhhhhh!

She had experienced the same kind of feeling before, while getting up from sleep after a bad dream in the middle of the night in the old house of her Grandpa in childhood.

She used to visit them in the summer vacations. But she was always scared of the nights, because she couldn’t sleep easy anywhere apart from her own bed at her parents house. When the night came she would kiss her granny good night and go to the bed. She was given the left most corner bed of the big bedroom of her grandpa and granny. She always pretended to be the brave kid, but there was one thing she was afraid of. Her dreams in the night, when she was sleeping in a new bed.

It was that same feeling now, when she opened her eyes in this white room which now was pitch black.

Even though her eyes started adjusting to the darkness, but there was nothing she could see. Because there was nothing in the room but the walls. She just turned around and saw if she could go back, but the door from where she entered wasn’t there any more. Or may be she couldn’t see it in the darkness.

Her heart was beating fast and her breathe was faster.

She was starting to regret the decision of entering this room.

Exactly on this moment the room was filled with strange light, she couldn’t understand.

She thought probably the light is coming back. But No. It was a light coming from the room walls. A light you could see on a drive-in theatre’s projected screen where a movie casts through this projection. It was very real.

She started to gather her conscious and see that it was like an imagery playing over the room walls. It was her!

It was her in those images, sitting on a tree branch very high that she could look over this dreamy forest. She doesn’t feel good on heights, then what she was doing on this tree, sitting so high. Then she hears a fade growl and she looks down. There is a pride of lions sitting on the bottom of the tree! The lioness was growling slowly. As she sees the lions, she starts breathing so fast that she can’t hear her heartbeat anymore.

haaaa! haaaaaa! haaaaaaa! haaaaaaaaaaaa!

Suddenly the branch she was sitting, creaks and then breaks! She starts falling and screams!

That’s when she wakes up gasping, like she used to in her granny’s bedroom. hhhhhhhh!

What? how is that possible, she thinks puzzled. This was my dream, how can I see it now on this room walls.

What is this room? She thought!

Even before she could understand, the room was black again.

Hello! Somebody please get me out of here! She said.

But there seemed to be no one hearing her.

After struggling with the overwhelming thoughts of macabre. She was coming back to her wits.

Then again the room starts shimmering with the light.

It was another one!

She was now watching it more carefully.

She was at the playing area in the backyard of her school. Then one of her friends calls her out and says “Your mom is here and she is calling you, go inside she is upstairs.” It was late evening and she enters the school building again, it’s dark inside with not even a single light. She hears a screeching and before she can understand a thing, a cloud of bats fly over from her head and through the school door. She is terrified and her legs are shaking. She can’t move. Her mom calls from upstairs “Shiva, come up beta!”. But she is just crying silently. From a playful mood suddenly turned into a terrified statue.

Tears roll down her eyes as the room turns dark again.

She pinches herself to see if it is real. With a sweet pain in her arm she knows, it is real.

“What is this place?” She is not thinking it anymore, she is shouting. “What is this place!”

But after some struggle with her thoughts, she calms down again.

Ready for the next one!

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