Saturday-Pentacle – Week 10 – 2018

The GardenSaturday-Pentacle, Week 10 Issue


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

Update of the week –

As I usually share these articles on whatsapp broadcast channel and also via email and social media. I think whatsapp currently have limited set of options in terms of engaging with you (my readers). So with that perspective, I want to get you onboarded on my new Telegram group which eventually be your one stop shop for all my articles, podcast episodes and much more.

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Article I’ve been pondering upon —

Mental Models: How to Train Your Brain to Think in New Ways – This article from James Clear is so though provoking. This small article took me almost two days to read and go through the concept. But it was more than worth it. Once you read this article, It will force you to think about the new mental models which you don’t see through right now. Eventually forcing you to change the way you think literally.

This type of though process can stimulate your brain to see the world with a new perspective and look at any problem from a brain area which was earlier untouched, hence you sometimes are able to visualize the solution which you could never see before. A must read.

What am I watching —

Land Of Maybe – I’ve loved this short film by The North Face. 3 famed mountain climbers go on the adventure of riding a highly technical climb of a straight mountain wall in The Land of Maybe (Faroe Islands). I was amazed to know how one man can own an entire mountain in this part of the world.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – Today’s quote is from the James Clear’s article I mentioned above.

“The chief enemy of good decisions is a lack of sufficient perspectives on a problem.”

— Alain de Botton

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