Saturday-Pentacle – Week 7 – 2018

Saturday-Pentacle, Week 7 Issue


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

Post of the week –

Looking back (An annual review – 2017) – This is the time of the year again, a yearly life review of my last year. Last year I did it almost in the second quarter. This year I’m a bit early even though still late.

So here it is, as usual consisting of three questions – 1) What went well? 2) What didn’t go so well? 3) What am I working towards?

This is an intentional public post to keep myself accountable for the targets I set for the year 2018. If it inspires you, you can use this template and write your own life review. I’m sure it will impact your life in a positive way.

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Photo no. 8
Amber Fort
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Photo no. 8 . Amber Fort . We reached right before the dusk time at the Amber Fort and as we entered, before we climbing up the stairs to enter the central area of the fort, we just went to the big right alley by passing through the tourist counter area and there it was the beautiful sunset. . As you can see in this photo there is another palace like structure visible under the beautiful flare of sun. . After researching a little bit about it, I think it's the older palace (even though I may be wrong), known as Kadimi Mahal (Persian for ancient), which is known to be the oldest surviving palace in India. This ancient palace sits in the valley behind the Amber Fort. . Even though we could just see a silhouette of it. But to me, it looked like a dark place and conspired fear even just to look at it. . However, the sunset brightened up this dark place too. . Well, that gave me hope. . . #projectrajasthan #amberfort #kadimi

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Article I’ve been pondering upon —

Why I decided to shave my head – Well, isn’t the title a little surprising? More so, if you are an Indian girl doing it without any religious intent or due to a disease.

This article from one of my recent acquaintances and who also happens to be a blogger/journalist – Priyamvada Mangal, was surprisingly liberating. She tells her story of how she broke the taboo not just for the sake of breaking it but to liberate herself and then went on this solo journey to McLeod Ganj. A Good Read.

What am I watching — (SPOILER ALERT)

The Big Sick – I saw this movie this weekend, which is based on a real-life romance of the Karachi born American comedian Kumail Nanjiani and (his now wife) Emily Gordon. Film’s romantic plot between a Muslim guy and a white American girl leads to Emily getting almost terminally I’ll but then coming back (ok that was the spoiler).

Here is the official Trailer for the movie. It’s available on Amazon Prime (just in case you have Prime membership).

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

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