Saturday-Pentacle – Week 29 – 2017

Saturday-Pentacle, Week 29 Issue


Saturday-Pentacle - Week 21 - 2017

App of the week –


This week it’s not a mobile app but a chrome extension with which I’m in love from past 2+ years. It’s the best focus and productivity extension in the browser.

It has features like a big beautifully curated wallpaper which changes every day, a big sleek clock, weather, ToDo list apps integration inbuilt (this one is my favorite), so your favorite Todo list apps can be integrated with this dashboard and it can display the ToDos as well in this dashboard itself. You have to experience it to believe.

If I got you curious, you can download it for Chrome from here – Momentum

Unfortunately, it’s not available for Firefox browser, but I found a very good alternative to Momentum and it’s simpler than Momentum, it’s called Moment. It features a Big beautiful clock and a plain focused background and is highly customizable. You can download it from the Firefox Add-On Store.

My most popular Instagram post recently

Don’t give up.

When you feel like giving up your dream, force yourself to work another day, another week, a year.

You will be amazed what happens when you don’t give up.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have arms, doesn’t matter if you don’t have any other limb, if you have your will and your heart you will reach there…

P.S. This video contains real imagery of an artist painting live from “Indian mouth and foot painting artists” club.

Shot and narrated today by yours truly.

Article(s) I’m enjoying (and pondering)

5 ways social media can help you travel – This is an interesting article pointing out a few very good tips and tools to help you with your travel via social media.

Summary of the article Before going to a place, get a visual vibe of the place from Instagram with its geolocation tagging, it hits the bullseye for getting a visual of the place you are thinking to go. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends on Facebook about the place you are about to visit, you may get some good info. If you are brave enough to ask strangers, twitter is your place to go. Remember, Facebook is friends and Twitter is the world.

Lastly, If you’re willing to take some risks in the form of advice from strangers, talk to locals once you are there physically, you could end up with a memorable experience. Just make sure to be specific in your requests.

What I’m reading/watching/listening to

Infinity And BackThis documentary released on 8th July on YouTube and Facebook and I’m proud to say that the protagonist of this docu film is my friend Kuntal Joisher.

He is a vegan and a mountaineer (how awesome a combo) and he climbed the Mount Everest last year (2016) on May 19. I found him very down to earth but a determined guy. So in 2015 when I was first introduced to him he was working hard towards his goal (climbing the highest peak in the world) and as his journey unfolded and finally he stepped on to the top of Everest last year. It was nothing short of the proudest feeling towards a friend.

Put on your headphones and watch this short film, as Kuntal and the editors of this movie take you to Kuntal’s journey of climbing the Everest. I promise you it’s Epic and the 21:59 minutes of your life will be worth it.

Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“If someone is slipping up, kindly correct them and point out what they missed. But if you can’t, blame yourself—or no one.”

— Marcus Aurelius

Until Next Saturday!

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