Saturday-Pentacle – Week 9 – 2017

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 9 – 2017

Greetings my internet friends,

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Recent Purchase I’m really enjoying –

Picture – Mi Website

USB Reading light from Mi

This is an amazing piece of tech from Mi. This is the best reading light under Rs. 250 in my opinion. Just plug it in your computer’s USB slot and you are good to go without disturbing your family while working on your laptop in the night. It has 5 light intensity modes. Worth every penny.


My most popular Instagram post recently — Paradise Island!

I took this picture a few months back on a visit to Madh Island, I love the way this picture portraits a sliver of heaven.

Article I’m enjoying (and pondering)

How Facebook Is Transforming Disaster Response

A very interesting read from my November 2016 reading list. Facebook, having an audience of more than Billion people, can now turn disaster response into a wildfire with the help of notifications on the app on users’ phones.

What I’m reading/watching/listening to

Picture – IMDB

The White Helmets

I found this 40 minutes long documentary in my Netflix suggestions and I’m glad i found it. This is a documentary on The Syrian Civil Defense Force, also known as the White Helmets. This organisation is working in the war facing country Syria and are the first people to help/respond post an air strike or a land attack. They have saved more thousands of war victims, seen so many death but saved so many people. They are the true living heroes of this world we are living in. Even thought this film shook me to my core when I saw how Khaled (One of The White Helmets who died on 11th Aug 2016 during an air strike) saved a 10-day-old baby from the rubble of a collapsed building in 2014. The moment became known as the “miracle baby” rescue after the scene was caught on camera and went viral.

If you just have just 1 min, watch this video. You’ll get the hint of what I’m talking about.

A Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

― William Shakespeare

Until Next Saturday!

Thanks for reading.

– Himanshu

A picture from my recent trip to Goa.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday-Pentacle – Week 9 – 2017

  1. I had seen that miracle baby video on YouTube while watching Syrian war documentary few months ago.

    This was indeed a miracle.

    • Wow! Was it the same documentary ‘The White Helmets’? or some other? Would like to see if it’s some other film.
      Yeah! Miracles still happen! That baby is still alive and I think if war didn’t end, he too will become a white helmet. Amen for his health.

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