Saturday-Pentacle – Week 11 – 2017

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Saturday-Pentacle – Week 11 – 2017

Greetings my internet friends,

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Post of the week –

How to become mindful?

Episode no. 6 of my podcast show is up.

In this episode of my podcast show, I share my perspective on mindfulness and how to train your mind to become more mindful and aware. I also share a few tools which help me practice mindfulness.

If you like my show, it would be great if you can review it on my iTunes Podcast page here.

My most popular Instagram post recently

The sun dial!

This marvellous piece of art and science just amazed me in The Konark temple in Orissa, the guide told us how precise it can tell time by sun’s position and the shadows it drops!

Article I’m enjoying (and pondering)

It’s Been 10 Years Since You Were Named TIME’s Person of the Year

Time 2016 Person of the year – You Picture –

I stumbled upon this time article, through which I got to know that Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ 2006 was … Me!

I’m not kidding. Indeed it was us the common people.

It was dedicated to all the common people who had influenced the news all through that year! This sounds pretty quirky but it’s sort of genius.

Moment of eureka!

What I’m reading/watching/listening to — Black Mirror

I’m in awe of this series. I’m binge watching this on Netflix. It’s a compilation of films based on future, including technology, humans and their collision somewhere in between. First episode of the season 3 (Nosedive) made me horrified about the future of social media. Must watch series if you follow my taste.

Quote I’m pondering on lately –

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

― William Penn

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Thanks for reading.

– Himanshu

Travel Travel Travel! How I miss you!! Hopefully, we will meet again soon!

‘Traveling Pants’ Photo by Himanshu Sachdeva

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