New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions – 2017

Last year I first published a list of my top 10 new year resolutions for the year of 2016. So I’m continuing the tradition, cause it helped me move in the right direction in the last year throughout. I would go back each month to this resolution list and see my progress. It was a fun and productive process.

It’s the new year day today. New hopes, New resolutions and a report of last year’s resolutions. Here you go.

New year resolutions – 2017

First off report of my last year’s resolutions.

  1. Create something every day. i.e. – Photograph, Writing, Audio, Video, Sketch, Painting anything creative.I created 404 pieces of art, content or writing in the year of 2016. That’s 39 more than 365 pieces if I would create each one day. So I smashed this particular resolution with a margin of good 10% up.

    Here is the detailed breakdown from all platforms I publish on:
    Instagram –

    Personal – 141 posts
    Lifestyle Architecture Lab – From Aug 20 till 28th 2016- 239 posts

    Blog posts – 20 Noteworthy posts
    Podcasts – 2 Episodes of my new podcasts show ‘Experiments of The Lifestyle Architecture Lab’.
    YouTube – 2 Videos – I started with Product Reviews, but more things coming up in 2017. 

  2. Write 4 Blog posts every month and be consistent on it.
    I couldn’t break this resolution. Even though I created well above 50 posts but the posts I find noteworthy to be counted here are just 20 + 2 podcasts = 22 posts.
  3. Start Creating Videos for YouTube. One every month.
    I posted just 2 videos on YouTube, but I’m proud that I created around 10 videos overall and learn the process of making the YouTube videos. I’m looking forward to 2017 for making that resolution again but this time I’m doubling down.
  4. Read 1 book every 2 months.
    So I had to read 6 books this year, I couldn’t crush this goal. But I went near. I read 3books completely. I read 4 books almost half. Looking forward to finishing them.
  5. Become better in personal Finance.
    I would say I didn’t do 100% here. But I neared to 75% almost. So still better.
  6. Spend more quality time with Family.
    I spent a lot of quality time this year with my family. I’m really glad to crush this new year’s resolution from last year.
  7. Go to 50 non-conventional eateries anywhere.
    Oh Boy! I rocked this resolution of last year by taking it too seriously. I ate at over 70 new places this year throughout the country. Crushed the goal by 40% up.
  8. Run 1000 KM. [83.33KMs per month | 20.83 Per week]
    I couldn’t crush this goal this year. Because the first quarter of the year, I was travelling almost every month. I ran 761.9 KMs this year. That’s 63.49 KMs every month and 14.65KMs every week. I fell short on this goal by 23.81% and I Feel that’s the first bad quarter. I’m looking forward to being on par with this goal in the year of 2017. Not just because it’s a freakish goal of a geek runner but it keeps me healthy. Literally.

  9. Travel to 12 places where I’ve never been.
    I travelled exactly 12 places where I had never been including a few places in the center-north of the country. I’m so proud of crushing this resolution.
  10. Taste 12 type of wines (Indian or Foreign)
    I didn’t crush this goal even nearly. I could just taste 3 out of 12 new types. In the year of 2017, I will.

Here is the top 10 new year resolutions for this year – 2017.

  1. Create something every day. i.e. – Photograph, Writing, Audio, Video, Sketch, Painting anything creative.
  2. Write 8 Blog posts every month and be consistent with it.
  3. Create YouTube Videos on travelling and other stories – 4 every month. 48 in the whole year.
  4. Read 1 book every 1 month.
  5. Become better in personal Finance.
  6. Spend more quality time with Family.
  7. Go to 75 non-conventional eateries anywhere.
  8. Run 1000 KM. [83.33KMs per month | 20.83 Per week]
  9. Travel to 12 places where I’ve never been.
  10. Taste 12 type of wines (Indian or Foreign)
Here are two additional resolutions for this year:
  1. Breaking out of the OCD habit. – This one is troubling me really too much lately, so I want to break out of it in this new year of 2017. Any thoughts or suggestions? Please let me know, in the comment section below.
  2. Meditate every day.

So the bottom-line for this year is to keep up the momentum I built in the past year and keep creating something every single day and be consistent with that. This helps me make myself a better human being as well in a very effective but indirect way.

Priorities for this year – Family, friends, relationships, fitness and personal growth.

Last but not the least, the wine tasting resolution. I don’t drink alcohol usually, but my heart is stuck on wine. I’m carrying forward this resolution from the last year. So I want to crush it this year. I want to graduate to the next level.

So that’s about it for this year’s resolution list.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

– Himanshu

What are your new year resolutions this year? Please comment and let me know. I will love to hear from you.

A Quote I’m pondering on lately – 

“In the end, winning is sleeping better.”
—Jodie Foster
Quote Credit – Ferriss, Timothy. Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers (Kindle Locations 509-510). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

4 thoughts on “New year resolutions – 2017

  1. Nice Post and glad to know your new year resolutions.
    I want to share my new year resolution too
    Here are the list
    1. Lose weight (Gym,Running) ,This is the topmost task i have to achieve, hope i will ; )
    2. Learn Swimming.
    3. Marriage . ( My Family’s expectation that i have to achive 😀 )
    4. Ofcourse, become better in personal finance.
    5. Learning New technology tools/Softwares ,Automation Process to automate the manual works involved in my Job.
    6. Launch an informative website for my hometown Zamania,UP. (Already working on it).
    7. A Bike ride to laddak with friends. ( Complicated task , But i’ll try ).

    • Love the number 6 and 7 (specially). Would say number 3 is an important one and you should put more of your consciousness there instead of going into it blind. Cause it can change your life upside down. Cheers!

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