'Resistance' - Picture courtesy — The coffeelicious post —

‘Resistance’ – Picture courtesy — The coffeelicious post —


She was standing on the edge of the cliff.

The gray blind still on her eyes, covering the blind of her hair on her face. She was ready to give in. But why?

What she couldn’t see due to her blinds was the enormous sea right to her left, but was it really her outer blinds which didn’t make her see the endless ocean? The ocean of opportunities? The ocean of the adventures she always sought?

No. It was her inner blind. She was a creative since she crawled out of her cradle. She had always been one.

The biggest battle a creative faces, is not with a devil outside. It’s the demons inside. A Demon called, resistance. It has no shape, it has no figure and it has no soul of it’s own. That’s what makes it the most dangerous enemy. It’s like you are fighting a hallow.

Intensity of the resistance faced is exactly proportional to your soul’s call for your masterpiece. Because resistance has no shape of it’s own, it can take shape of anything. A day long consortium, playing with things which don’t matter. Your siblings coming to you and saying, you are not the person i knew, anymore. Resistance can become anything, which keeps you from doing the work of your life, which keeps you from going for the calling of your soul. It’s eventual goal is to put you off of the trajectory of your creative course. It can become the biggest obstacle there can be.

That’s what she was confronting from past 6 months. A creative block. Sometimes, she felt she was going crazy. Sometimes, she felt the fear of not being able to create any more. That’s why she is here today. On top of the mountain. On the edge of this cliff, facing towards a rocky bottom.

If she jumps right in front, it will be the end of it. Not only, the end of her fight with resistance, but also the end of her dreams.

Her mind was blinded with this brutal force of resistance, but her body could feel the sea breeze. Right at that moment a gust of southwester wind hit the shore, both her blinds were taken aback, as she was. She was not blind anymore. She turned to her left to face the sea. Wind was strong, she was barely able to stand upright. She stepped forward. She was just six inches away from the edge.

She had always been strong. Let it be her childhood, in the midst of which her parents divorced. Let be when she was too broke, to know she was finally not selected for the university she always wanted to go to. Let it be when the love of her life died right in front of her, when their motor bike crashed on an unfortunate highway. She had been strong through out.

She was not that strong today. Not due to some outer circumstance, but due to the inner battle with this demon called resistance.

She closed her eyes, Pushed the edge of the cliff with the soles of her bare feet and dived. This side was not a rocky bottom, it was a straight cliff with a deep sea puddle.


And she was into the sea.

Sea of endless possibilities. The demon lost today.

She had a story to tell.

P.S.: This post was my official submission to ‘The Crème of The Coffeelicious‘ challenge.

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