Gratefulness, motivation and running stories!

Earlier I’ve written about my daily rituals and how I keep myself going. If you have read my earlier post, you may remember the importance I give to gratefulness in my life.

Everyday I wake up, I see the sun rise, I go for my morning run, while running the breeze comes on my face, I get to see beautiful scenes of nature – trees, stray dogs, fallen leaves, the sea flowing. All these things make me feel alive. At that time, I tell myself how grateful I am to the creator, who shows me the real beauty in everyday life.

Each day in my daily prayer I pause for a moment to think about the world we live in right now. Where we can breathe fresh air, walk and run freely, eat whatever we like, wear whatever we feel good in, go where ever we want. I feel grateful for this abundance of nature, this freedom. This habit of being grateful keeps me motivated.

Without motivation a human cannot keep going. Hence we should acquire motivation even from small things.

A few weeks back I was going through a really rough patch. Nothing was going the way I expected, I was literally losing hope. Why this is happening with me and all that shit.

But on 26th April 2015 there was a running event ‘Awetism run’ organized by local running legend ‘Sayri Dalvi‘ to spread awareness about awetism. Her own son is autistic. She is a single mom and one of the bravest women I’ve ever met. In that event I met several runners who were fighting their own wars. One of them was a blade runner ‘Angad Sabat‘. Such an inspiration. He had fell off the train and lost one of his legs. Still he was running among us and he was preparing for Hyderabad half marathon. I met another inspiring person ‘Ajay Yadav‘ who had lost one of his hand. Several other oldies who are of the age of my grandpa. But still they were running and better than me.

Even loosing their limbs, or their aging bodies didn’t stop these guys from running. This gave me a big scoop of mental boost. If they can why can’t I do something and be happy about it?

From that day on-wards I found an internal motivation unlike before which kept me going. Now I’m more focused and feel more grateful than ever before.

I have started to realize that good days and bad days are inevitable. They are like seasons. One will come after the other. We will feel low, we will feel like loosing hope, but if we keep ourselves surrounded by good people and keep ourselves going, even when the things are not going well, eventually the bad time will pass and good time will come again.

Hope is a dangerous thing to lose. So keep yourself motivated and never lose hope. Just remember the below line. Both in good times and bad times.

This too shall pass.

Until next time…

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