Benares! Day – 1 Continued…

This post is the progression of my earlier travelogue post on Benares trip, Hope you enjoy it.

Benares – Day 1 Continued…

The sun just set. I started walking back!

While walking back i came across an old man¹, he had a magical smile.

As i was crossing him, looking at me he stopped me and said ‘Son! You don’t look from around here! Where have you come from?’

If a total stranger would ask you something like this, you’ll just ignore and walk away. But this old man just didn’t seem like one! That’s the magic of Benares! This old man seemed like an indistinguishable part of Benares! So i couldn’t help myself but reply with a gentle smile.

‘Uncle! I’ve come from Bombay. Indeed not around from here.’ ‘Are you a local?’ I asked.

‘Yes, Here from past 18 years almost. I was in Kolkata² for a long period of time, then destiny took me here and i never left.’ He replied.

All of his more than 50 years of life experiences were reflecting in his talks. We kept on talking for 15 minutes almost. Then i thought to take a picture with him. I asked a passing by foreign lady to take it for me. Luckily she knew, how to operate the camera. In fact more than i did.

Here is our picture and this dog never left –

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva

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'Resistance' - Picture courtesy — The coffeelicious post —

‘Resistance’ – Picture courtesy — The coffeelicious post —


She was standing on the edge of the cliff.

The gray blind still on her eyes, covering the blind of her hair on her face. She was ready to give in. But why?

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Why you should not give a shit about voices which don’t matter!

My second podcast episode is live!

Photo Courtsey: Patrick Pilz – Unsplash


I went on my morning run today!
Solid 8 miles with a 10 min/mile pace!
As soon as I’m past 2 miles, all the great ideas and thoughts start coming to my mind.
From few days, i was feeling low and unmotivated as many of the paths which I’m pursuing reached to a crossroads. I was not able to decide which way to go. Then a few voices in my head started talking.

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Benares – The beginning

The next few posts will be a continued progression of my experiences¹ in the mysterious city of Benares²! Hope you enjoy it.

Benares – The beginning

I’m thinking, How do i even start telling you about this mysterious city of Benares!
How about death?
First day of my Benares visit. It’s Dusk time!
I crossed the Main Ghat and was walking towards the eastern  ghats. There it was.
Harishchandra Ghat!
Harishchandra Ghat, Benares

Photo – Himanshu Sachdeva

Product Review – Puma ignite Running Shoes

As you might already know, I’ve been training and running marathon‘s from more than a year now. So i recently got myself more technical running shoes.

Puma ignite.

This pair costed me Rupees – 9999, i bought it from a local Puma store. You can buy it online as well, from here at Amazon:

As i was searching for these shoes but couldn’t find much of video reviews at that time. So I thought why not make a detailed review of these shoes and post it on YouTube.

So here it is.

Part – 1 of the Puma ignite review

This part covers out of the box review and design aspects of these shoes.

In part – 2, I will cover the performance aspect. I’ll be posting that review shortly, as i have to put these shoes to test before i can give a comprehensive performance review.

So till then, please enjoy the part – 1.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

P.S.: This is not a paid endorsement of any kind. This is just a genuine review of the shoes i recently bought by paying cash. However the link above is an amazon affiliate link which helps me keep this blog running. 

Looking back (An annual review – 2015)

From past two years I’m doing an annual review of my life. Cause I want to pause and reflect back on my successes and failures of previous year and publishing it here in this Blog keeps me accountable for the next year.

Looking back (An annual review - 2015)

Picture Courtesy – Michal Parzuchowski []

This is my third annual review, you can access my previous reviews here (2014) and here (2013). This year also I’ll answer three questions, same as last 2 years:
  1. What went well this year?
  2. What didn’t go so well year?
  3. What’s am I working toward?
Keeping yourself accountable is a great thing I’ve learned from several people in the last year’s timespan. Many famous Bloggers/Vloggers and authors have mentioned it, they’ve mentioned one more thing which is – “In-order to make yourself accountable, you have to let someone else be the judge”. I couldn’t do that as of yet, but it’s in my resolution list for year 2016. [I’ve compiled a new year’s resolution list as well, will be tagging that here shortly] This year I want to remove a few not so good habits from lifestyle as well. So making myself accountable for the actions i take will be a good start, so I’m gonna let some of my close friends who can be as ruthless as this task will require to punish me if I don’t do well in this task. So that’s gonna be interesting, only time will tell.
2015 has been the greatest year of my life till yet. After the last 2 Annual Reviews, this year when I kept record my doings and held myself accountable for things I was doing for myself I felt more control over my life, far far better than in any other year of my life. It was like in some way I knew where i was heading. From the learnings of the last year 2015, I’m finding acquainted with more knowledge about areas of life which were untouched earlier which eventually led me to be in a self aware mode. I was completely in the zone of doing things in the last whole year.
I’m keeping this post in 3 parts to avoid it becoming a really really long post (longer than my target of 3000 words per post). First part will be – ‘What went well this year?’ I’ll just keep the next two parts as to be continued. In-fact i just don’t want this post to read like desperately moving towards closure but want to make it really in-depth and insightful.
Lets cut to the chase. I hope you find it interesting.

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Story of my first Half Marathon.

Some people are born to be Athletes. Well, I’m definitely not one of them.
In my childhood, I was always game for sports. All kind of sports. I played badminton, cricket, basketball etc. I always wanted to take part in sports but I was more of jack of all rather then being a specialist. I never focused on one single sport, I was little there in each of the sport.
But as I came out of college and started working on my first job in Mumbai. I realized that I needed to get back into sports. I was now too skinny and a long way from fit. Then it started getting worse. I became under weight.
The picture below is from 2010 (5 years back). Yes, that’s me. Some of you might not even believe it (Even though its all smiles but still). You had to see me to believe it.

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