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In this episode of my podcast show, I talk about reflections, travelling and a quote from Ray Dalio.

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Hey guys this is Himanshu again.

This is December and It’s been long since my last episode. This episode is about the reflection of this year.

From past many years, every December I’ve been taking trips either to my hometown or otherwise someplace far away from Bombay. While on these trips, I keep some portion of the time to meet family and friends and some time for pausing and reflecting on things that have happened over the period of last year. Many of the people I admire and some close friends do some sort of reflection practice.

How I do it is by thinking about the travels I did in the past year, listing down the new people I met or friends I made by visiting photographic timeline in my google photos app or sometimes just by thinking about some specific time. It always amazes me that something incredible had happened on each trip I did.

I also take some time in this reflection exercise to jot down top 5 things of the year which put me forward in the direction I want to head to.

Recently I saw a tweet from Ray Dalio (Incredible Investor and CEO of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds), where he said, 3 things are most important in reflection –

1. Knowing what you really want and jot it down
2. List down the ways to get there and pursue them
3. Repeat no. 2 until you achieve no. 1 and correct path if you feel drifted.

So that’s exactly what I also do in my reflection practice. I jot down the things I want in my life or the goals I want to pursue and then list down the ways to get there. Year after year when you do this, your goal list will start getting shorter when you get to know yourself better and know what really matters to you. But what remains on that list, you must try to achieve it with all that you got. This practice helps me in correcting course to achieve my goals. Because in between these reflection practices a year passes away and life happens. You drift away from your actual goals. So the reflection becomes very crucial if you are actually serious about those goals.

In this reflection practice, I also take time to be grateful for the good things which happened in the past year. Things which changed my life in good ways.

I would recommend you guys also to do this exercise. Jot down past year’s achievements and happenings and then correct your path to pursue your actual goals. Last but not the least be grateful for the things you achieved in past year.

So that’s it for today’s episode.

2017 is yet to get over but nonetheless, it has been a great year so far and I’m excited for what 2018 brings.

On the closing note, I would like to end the season 1 of this podcast with this 10th episode. But I’m working on some good stuff and in the next year, I’ll be back with season 2 of this podcast, with better cover, better podcast and some guests probably.

Until then goodbye and talk to you soon.

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