Q&A Tuesday – 2

Q&A Tuesday – 2

Question is the new answer! Please enjoy and don’t forget to ask questions!

Transcript from the podcast –

It’s Q&A Tuesday! So we have 3 New questions for this week!

Q1. Whether should I give up what I am looking for my career or keep on trying? Currently, i am not able to decide anything and i think my career is messed up. How to plan everything?

Answer – If you know your passion and you are doing that as a job then you must keep on doing it. There will be times you’ll feel like you are not getting anywhere, but most of the successful people are those who had perseverance.

But on the flip side if you are doing something which you are not so passionate about but doing it for the sake of employment or money. Then I would recommend you to pause and just look over your life from a broader perspective. Take a notebook write down your options, what if you were fired from this job? what would be your options then? will it be freelance work? will it be a business? do you have some business idea in mind? note down everything and every idea which comes to mind. You can create a brain map of all these thoughts which will help you visualise your current situation and a direction where you might want to head.

Of course, you are not getting fired from your job right now but thinking about it will give you a new perspective and options which you might not have thought of before.

Q2. What should I do to improve my speaking ability, making people understand what I am trying to explain. Way of talking to senior management. I do watch English movies and other things to improve my English speaking but I sometimes feel I am not able to put my words properly. How to be more confident in this.

Answer – There are many things you can do to improve your speaking quality or rather I should say English speaking quality. The first thing you must do is to change your default speaking language. At home, we speak our native languages and at the workplace, we usually speak English. However, in an Indian environment where English is not native, it can be pretty hard to converse in English on day to day basis, even at the workplace. So what we should do is we should change our workplace default speaking language to English, if that’s possible. Try to increase the usage of English while interacting with your peers or your managers. Day by Day keep on increasing the usage of English in your conversations and try to reach a complete English based conversation with people you think might be able to keep up in English conversation.

Secondly, you have mentioned talking to senior management or executives. This is called persuasive speaking sometimes, as you might need to present your case to an executive and you should be able to convey him your point or persuade him to believe what you told. For this, I will recommend you to pay attention when you are visiting any executives or Senior management people with any of your senior peers who you know is good at it and then watch and learn. Apart from that, I will recommend you to structure your conversation before hand you go to an executive meeting. Keep you tone moderate, keep your sentences short and to the point and most importantly keep your voice crystal clear. That should do 60% of the part and rest should be your content.

Q3. How to control my temper? I feel annoyed or angry things are not going the right way.

Answer – Oh boy, I can talk about it all night long, because I myself had struggled with anger management at some point in time in my life. So I can tell you a thing or two about how to control it. The first and the most important thing is to listen before acting. Sometimes what happens is we just don’t like the person who is saying something to you then even if they are saying something which actually makes sense, we get angry because we just don’t like that person. So most important thing is to make it a habit to listen completely before speaking or acting.

Then second thing you mentioned is getting angry when something is not going your way, this happens to everyone all the time, this is life and 80% of the time things doesn’t go the way we want. So what you can do is whenever you feel things are not going the way you want, think about the outputs, if something is not in your control, how the output of that thing or that process will impact you, is it fatal? or is it non-fatal. If something is going to kill you then of course you should put your best there or do something about it. If it’s non-fatal, how deep can it impact you, is it reversible? Most of the times things are reversible, for example you worked on something which took all your energy and time but in the end it didn’t came out as you wanted it to be. Instead of getting angry about it, stop and just try to think from a different perspective, how can the output be the way you want. Of course you’ll sigh for a moment or be sad, but make it quick and get back to work, that will make your anger go away faster and you’ll get to what you wanted quicker.

So that’s it for this Q&A. If you want to send some questions yourself, you can email me at – himanshu at himanshusachdeva dot com.

Thank you for listening.

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