Q&A Tuesday – 1

Introducing Q&A Tuesday!

In this section, I answer a few questions received from the audience every Tuesday. Presenting –

Q&A Tuesday – 1

Q&A Tuesday

Question is the new answer! Please enjoy and don’t forget to ask questions!

Transcript from the podcast –

Today I’m so excited to introduce a new section on the Podcast – Q&A Tuesday. So every Tuesday I’ll be answering a few questions sent by you guys. So this is the first of the many Q&A Tuesdays to come. I’ve selected two questions which I felt relevant to answer in this Q&A.

So I’ll just read these questions one by one and try to answer them as good as I can.

1. How to be more proactive while doing my job, sometimes the work gets pretty boring and one is not fully interested.
There is another similar question which i received, and that is –
How should I boost my self-confidence even in those low moments and think straight when I feel my career is not heading in the right direction I feel like getting stuck in this whirlpool forever.

Answer – Ok so here is the thing. I had experienced the same thing. When my job started feeling monotonous and boring, so I thought I’m stuck in a rut and can’t get out of this boring job. But here is what I did – I started exploring. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Let me give a more context to it – We know this job gets us money it provides us and our family so we can’t leave this job even if it’s boring. So I couldn’t leave the job and start something new. It will be like exposing yourself completely. As Richard Branson who is one of my idols, once said, If you are starting something new, you have to take risks, but the biggest mistake is to not see the rock bottom of it. If you know in worst case scenario what can you loose, that will be the most helpful information or insight you will have.

So instead of completely exposing myself. What I did was to do two changes in my work life. First was to put a breath of fresh air into my current job. I sat down to see the possibilities. Like getting a new project assigned to myself or may be shifting a level up and learning a new skill which could help me level up my game, even though it might not sound super exciting but learning is always good. So that’s what I did, I talked to my manager and got myself assigned some fresh work, even though it was along with whatever I was doing, but still, it made me more excited to do that new work. I also took some leadership lessons online and read some books and tell you what It changed the game completely. I’m a different man than I was 2 years ago.

The second thing which you can do is to start a side project, it must be something you are very passionate about, it can be creating a website, writing a book, doing a podcast like I’m doing, starting an online side business or may be helping kids at some orphanage near you. It can be anything, which makes you feel good about yourself.

By doing these two things I find myself more proactive about things at work, it gave my confidence the boost which I needed, it made me more mindful and aware of whatever I’m doing and why I am doing that.

One line of wisdom –

Create, build or do. Don’t just be.

That’s what will give you a high dose of confidence in yourself.

Hope I answered it well.

2. What is that one thing which you wanna replace in your past would change the life as you know it?

Answer – Well! That’s a deep one.

If I think about past 10 years. I like the way life has turned out to be. I’m happy the way things have come together. All these things, those experiences, they made me the man I am today. But still, If I would meet my younger self and want to give him an advise. I would say be aware of your emotions. Don’t let some unclear emotions make you weak or take some irrational decisions. But still the life has taught me a lot, even those rough moments, when I couldn’t see anything but darkness, even those moments gave me the courage to reach at the end of the tunnel and see the light. The light of hope. I feel grateful for this life.

So that’s it for this Tuesday. Thank you for listening.

I would like to request you to send your questions by commenting on this post or send it to me directly on email – himanshu at himanshusachdeva dot com

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