How to become mindful?

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In this episode of my podcast show, I share my perspective on mindfulness and how to train your mind to become more mindful and aware. I also share a few tools to help me practice mindfulness.

Transcript of the podcast –

How to become mindful?

In past couple of years as a grew as a person, I found myself always coming back to one thing which eventually has now become a part of my lifestyle and that is being mindful.

What is being mindful?

Being mindful is a state of mind which lets you be an observant of the situation instead of directly divulging into it. For example – If you are in a troubled state of mind due to any reason. A Relationship, money, family, marriage, workplace issue etc. So your mind is always stuffed with the thoughts about that situation. If you train your mind to become mindful instead of just being. In that situation, you’ll deal with these situations in a more broader and conscious way instead of directly getting into the mess you’ll be able to see that situation from above, like a bird’s eye view. Which gives you a whole different perspective and probably you’ll see things differently.

I’ll tell you a story about myself, as I work in a workplace where I have to work with a variety of individuals and teams. One day I found myself in a situation where while working with a cross team personnel who at that time looked like not doing the tasks assigned to him for our project deliberately. So we almost ended up in a heating conversation which could have ended up in a nasty disaster, but instead, somehow I got out of that conversation and let myself take a few deep breaths and I let myself sit on this conversation for a while. I just wanted to give the whole thing a thought from a different perspective. After a while, I was able to figure that while talking to me he was constantly checking his phone and when I pulled out of the conversation he got on the phone and was talking to his lawyer about his court date. These tiny details, which I missed out in the heat of the argument, I could recollect them in the moment of consciousness. Later I found out that person was actual going through a rough divorce. If I would have continued the argument, it might have been the reason or a trigger for the emotional breakdown of this person. So this is what mindfulness or consciousness can look like. That’s just one example, but there are various types of mindfulness practices.

How to become mindful?

I can tell you from my experience of past few years, the mind is just like another muscle in our body. It needs training in order to be stronger. Like you go to the gym and work on your muscles 5 days a week, you become strong physically. In order to become mentally or emotionally stronger. We need to train our mind.

As you might have heard in my morning routines podcast, I practice mindfulness through meditation. I’ve tried a lot of methods to do meditation. Nowadays, a good method of building a mindfulness practice habit is with an app on your phone. So I’ve tried a lot of apps like Calm, Zen Friend and Headspace etc. Eventually, I stuck with Headspace. So I’ll tell you more about headspace now, as I use it myself.

Headspace like the other apps I mentioned above is a meditation app with Audio Guided meditation sessions. To get you started it lets you use the app for it’s ‘Take 10’ session. 10 days, 10 minutes each day of audio guided meditation in the voice of its founder Andy Puddicombe. This audio guided meditation session takes you through a set of activities each day. Like deep breaths, body scanning, being aware of your body, noticing different sounds, isolating yourself from the environment you are sitting in and many more experiences. If you really get into it, it takes you to a whole new level of mindfulness. At least it happened to me a few times.

So the point is by any medium you should train your mind, let it be an audio guided meditation app session or just a deep breathing exercise or just sitting calmly for 10 minutes, whatever suits you. For my monkey mind, this app was really helpful. By coming more aware and more mindful, I start my day on a pleasant note and try to spread this calmness throughout my day.

So this is how I practice mindfulness. You’ll find the links to apps and tools mentioned above in the blog post below. Do you follow any mindfulness practice? Any specific tools you use to do mediation? Please let me know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed this episode, thank you for listening.

Tools mentioned in the podcast –

  1. Headspace – Currently my go to meditation app
  2. Calm – My second favourite meditation app
  3. Zen Friend – This is another app which is not audio guided by itself but makes use of YouTube videos for audio guidance.

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2 thoughts on “How to become mindful?

  1. Hiee Himanshu,

    Your articles are an medium of drawing answers which can be related to any person.This day to day lifestyle is indeed a hectic space but time for onself is must, to rejuvenated ideas and peacefullness.Keep on wrting such beautiful artices.

    Few lines for u

    Time may not be bounded to spaces
    It is just in our thoughts
    Mystic it may be in air like the
    Unconditinal rain drops
    May that sun gaze the land and land to the sky
    Dreams be like those clouds which always comes by
    We may not know where to head to ,we may not know where to be
    Moments may come by glancing opportunity,
    Blissful be the memoirs that may rest with us ..
    Life is filled with moments all time spaces done.

    Yogita Surve😇


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