3 Tools to increase the daily productivity

Podcast Episode 5 is now live!

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In this episode of the show, I share 3 tools I use to increase my productivity throughout the day and how I make use of a workflow to make the best out of these apps and my time.

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3 Tools mentioned in the podcasts for your ready reference –

  1. Todoist* – Sign up here.

  2. Evernote* – Sign up here.

  3. Slack* – Sign up here.

* – All logos above are respective company’s trademark.

I’ll be adding specific workflow blog posts with more screenshot specific to these apps in my upcoming posts. So keep tuned in.

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2 thoughts on “3 Tools to increase the daily productivity

  1. Nice one, i will be intrested to read your upcoming blogs related to these apps. I have used Slack & Evernote and feel both are very useful. Maybe you can even consider google keep…

    • Sure thing!

      I have used majority of Note taking apps including Google keep. But in the end I had to stick with Evernote due to the meaningful integrations it provide with other apps like slack and also the browser plugins with help of which I can save anything from the web in one click to my evernote account.

      Google keep and most of the other note apps lack features like this any many more. But sure Google keep is in my Top 10 note taking apps!

      Keep tuned in for more and thanks for listening! 😊

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