Looking back (An annual review – 2014)

This is my second annual review but first one which I’m publishing on my blog publicly, you can access my last year’s review on my Evernote here. Last year after writing my annual review i got a sense of purpose and a reflection of whatever I’ve done in the last year. This gave me a chance to take stock of what went good and what could have gone better and the way forward.
In this year’s review I’ll try to look back on the accomplishments from the last year’s list. This way I can analyze my performance and the processes I’ve adopted. This will help me perform better in this new year and i shall try to do better on the new good habits that I’ve included in my lifestyle but also get rid of the bad ones which I still have.
After last year’s review I’m consistently tracking my progress on various aspects of my life and that way I felt more control over my life, which was merely there earlier. Last year I had adopted to work more towards the process of doing things instead of focusing on the goal. By far I’ve achieved better than ever before towards the goals I seek in my life. Last year I’ve read somewhere that to inherit good habits, one should continuously do that task for at least 3 weeks and then it becomes a part of your memory (or may be muscle memory in case that’s a physical task). So I’ve tried experimenting this with a few things i do or i want to do in day-to-day life. For example, to include exercise in my daily routing, i was struggling badly. But since I’ve started doing something (running) which i love in the form of exercise and made a process which helped me not to miss it. I formed a habit of daily waking up at around 7:30AM and run the daily errands and then slip into my shoes and reach the society (where i live) gate. By doing this i got myself out of bed and forced myself to reach till the gate. If i reach the gate then I felt less urge to go back up to my apartment and i could go to my running track and do a running session without any hesitance. I continued it for almost 4-5 weeks until i faced an ankle injury. But by this i understood how to form a habit and go on with it. Now after healing from that injury I’m continuing my running with the same habit. Continue reading